9 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Maggie Rogers And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/15/2018

The year is wrapping up and yet these artists are out here earning their dollar until the final whistle.

9. Ros - Peaches N Cream

Ros is a Swedish artist who has just released her debut album Peaches N Cream. The title track is an intriguing, twinkling track that sits somewhere between Charli XCX and Tommy Genesis.

8. Kult Kyss - Ekko

There's some serious hype surrounding Aussie duo Kult Kyss right now and for good reason. Their latest Ekko is an unapologetically hard dance song that's so unique that on first listen you'll find yourself trying to figure out what the hell is going on.


Kosovo-Albanian popstar isn't playing around with this new song. As the title suggest, GET OFF MY DICK is an in-your-face pop song that hits all the right notes. The chorus is huge and we can so it doing really well if it falls into the right hands.

6. Sofi de la Torre - Voicebreaks

Voicebreaks is probably the most vulnerable song Sofia de la Torre has ever released. It's completely stripped bare and she's never sounded better.

5. Christian Leave - Smaller

Christian Leave is another Vine star turned serious muso and his new EP Trilogy states a pretty incredible case. It's a quaint folk track that plays with electronics to turn it into something really special. Keep an eye on Leave.

4. Nicki Minaj - Familia (With Anual Aa, Feat. Bantu)

Nicki Minaj rounds out 2018 with her own I Like It and while it may not be as sunny the hook is damn strong. On top of that, Nicki brings out the Trini in her to turn in a strong verse.

3. ZAYN - Satisfaction

ZAYN's new album Icarus Falls is an absolute mission to get through but within the 27 tracks are some real winners. This Malay-produced cut is one of the best things ZAYN has ever done. It's so minimal and subtle, purely relying on ZAYN's vocals which he serves smoother than ever.

2. Maggie Rogers - Tim McGraw

I can't stand Taylor Swift's debut album and yet here I am shedding a tear to a song from it. Maggie Rogers has done an incredible job turning the country song into an electronic-tinged, folk song that sounds like even more of a classic than the original.

1. Ariana Grande - Imagine

She's bloody done it again. It's been a long time since we've seen a run as golden as Ariana's and this whistle note solidifies her as the popstar of our generation.

There's more of these kinda songs in our Top Tunes playlist, right below: