10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Rita Ora, A$AP Rocky, Sam Bluer And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/23/2018

Thanksgiving has the US giving us very little music to be thankful for but the rest of the world delivered.

10. Good Girl - I Can Be Yours (Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

We clicked on this video because we were vibing the Good Girl aesthetic and now we're hooked by the song. It's playful, charismatic and a perfect introduction to the girl band we need right now.

9. Tommy Cash - X - Ray

This may be the wildest song we've heard all year. Cash has teamed up with Danny L. Harle for a song that scoots through genres at the rate of knots. It's definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea but it's just how we like it.

8. 303 - Whisper

These three girls are teenagers and yet they have a better idea of what kind of artists they want to be than people twice their age. Whisper is giving us TLC and Tweet vibes which we're heavily on board for.

7. AJ Tracey - Doing It

AJ Tracey is bound for a Stormzy-sized blow-up if this first single off his forthcoming album is anything to go by. It's a big grime tune that's going to win over even doubters of the genre.

6. Daisy Maybe - The Answer (Feat. Skepta)

We are very here for Skepta being the Nelly in this Dilemma-esque duet. Daisy Maybe has a mysterious, woozy voice that hooks you immediately. Skepta beautifully juxtaposes that with his rock solid delivery.

5. A$AP Rocky - Sundress

If you didn't get enough psych Rocky with Testing then this should do the trick. Sundress swirls around your head with its otherworldly Tame Impala sample.

4. Lupa J - You're In My Headphones

Lupa J is really jumping out of the box with her next music. She sounds far more outgoing and the result is some of her most accessible songs to date. We're imagining her as Grimes in the Oblivion video clip with this sparkly, transcendent new jam.

3. Rita Ora - New Look

If nothing else, Rita Ora can helm one hell of a pop song. New Look is the highlight of her new album Phoenix. It's grandiose, hook-heavy song that's up there with her best releases to date.

2. Sam Bluer - Bite My Tongue

Australia's pop prince keeps getting better with each release. Bite My Tongue is the most confident he's ever been, armed with a one of the biggest chorus in local pop this year. Bluer is bound for big things.

1. Earl Sweatshirt - The Mint

Earl Sweatshirt is such a rare musician in that he's totally unbothered by whatever is going on around him musically. The Mint is a quintessentially Earl record. It's introverted, honest and autobiographical.

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