Buried Bops & Bangers: Rihanna's 'There's A Thug In My Life'

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/15/2018

Buried Bops & Bangers is a new weekly feature pulling unappreciated pop songs from the archives. 

Let's be real, Rihanna became a far better artist after the release of her first two albums Music Of The Sun and A Girl Like Me but there's a certain charm about revisiting those records.

There's a certain naivety to both albums from an artist that was, to an extent, unwilling to compromise her Barbadian heritage by chasing of-the-moment pop hits. There are rumours swelling that Rihanna has plans to release a reggae album as her ninth album and if so, it's somewhat amusing to entertain the fact that its record sonically will be 2005's Music Of The Sun.

With that in mind, we returned to the album and found that it's actually full of undercover bangers that should be added to the mix when you're giving yourself a cheeky RiRi album.

Rihanna is known for massive bangers but her catalogue is full of underrated mid-tempos including this sizzler There's A Thug In My Life. The minimal R&B track was buried at track 11 on Music Of The Sun. We'd hazard a guess that it's one of her lowest streamed tracks but we're here to demand justice for There's A Thug In My Life.

The production houses Rihanna's then small-but-textured vocal, bringing out some of its most endearing runs. It harks back to '90s R&B recalling Brandy, Monica and even inspiring us to hit play on Nicole's forgotten gem Make It Hot. It samples Debarge's A Dream which just gives it this slow-burning heat that only RiRi could turn into something special.

Let's all have a moment with There's A Thug In My Life.