Ariana Grande's Triumphant 'Breathin' Is Proof Positive Pop Doesn't Have To Be In Ballad Form

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/20/2018

The pop world is no stranger to positive anthems but Ariana Grande's breathin, the sterling highlight of her new album Sweetener, is different.

Ariana Grande's sweetener as a whole is a statement of positivity but breathin stresses self-care in the most simplistic terms.

Whereas Katy Perry's Roar used mighty choruses and animalistic metaphors to convey its self-positive anthem, Grande goes for something far less imposing.

breathin is the closest thing to Into You on the record. It's a pulsating, '80s-flavoured bop that has Grande handling some of her most effortless, beautiful vocals to date.

It's that musical ease that synthesises with the lyrics that essentially stress self-care. "Time goes by and I can't control my mind," she sings before she's reminded to ground herself.

"Mental health is so important," Grande told Beats 1 just days while talking about the record.

"People don't pay enough mind to it because we have things to do ... people don't pay attention to what's happening inside."

On breathin Grande manages to wrap up that sentiment in a beautiful, airy pop song that reminds us to breathe. It's simple but it's so important.