First Impressions: Robyn, Mura Masa, Travis Scott And More

Written By the interns on 08/10/2018

First Impressions is our roundtable reviews feature where our writers give us their take on some of the week's new music. This week we've got Robyn's pop return going up against Travis Scott's woozy Astroworld highlight plus more.

Robyn - Missing U

Roz: We’ve been waiting for a Robyn single for so long that I’m not sure anything could live up to the hype that anyone who cares about this release will have built up in their system. That being said, this really is everything you could ask for in a Robyn release. Dramatic breakup ballad? Check. Pulsing eighties synths? Check. Huge chorus? Check. All in all, a winner of a comeback single. 4

Sam: If I had to describe what I wanted from Robyn’s comeback I literally would’ve described this track. All the traits of a classic, heartbreak on the dancefloor, Robyn moment are here and it’s just so goddamn glorious. I love how she doesn’t go for the big climax like in Dancing On My Own or Call Your Girlfriend. She’s softer here and it only makes the heart beat faster. What a perfect popstar. 5

Ti: Instant classic. All we wanted from new Robyn music was Robyn’s trademark sound. She knows what she excels at, and here she just delivers it in spades. “I keep digging through our waste of time / But the picture’s incomplete” is a moment. I would absolutely give this song a 6 out of 5 if it were available in a 3:30 radio edit. Instead, she only gets a 5. Shame, really.

Mura Masa - Complicated (Feat. Nao)

Roz: I’ve really enjoyed past collaborations between these two (“Firefly” is still a total bop), so I can’t object to seeing them work together again. This is a solid track, the production is really satisfying and it builds nicely. It’s not really anything new for either of them, but definitely a crowd pleaser. 3.5

Sam: You really couldn’t find a better collaborative team than Mura Masa and Nao. Their stylings just work so well together and they’ve done it again on Complicated. Mura Masa’s production is light and glassy while Nao’s vocals are flighty and playful. The way she riffs in the chorus is just so good. 4

Ti: I feel like this is going to grow on me, much like 1 Night did. 3.5

Travis Scott - Stop Trying To Be God

Roz: I’d heard nothing about this and suddenly it was all over my twitter feed. I haven’t listened to any of the album yet though, so this really is a first impression. This may not be exactly my cup of tea, but I really dig the production on this. The bridge moment with James Blake, Stevie Wonder & company is stellar, and the whoozy, slick effect is really cool. I wish there was more movement in the verses, though; it got really repetitive after a couple of minutes. Also this video is all kinds of extra that confuses me greatly. 3.5

Sam: This Travis project really surprised me. I actually didn’t think he had it in him to match his visual cohesiveness in an album and yet he managed to do it. I think Stop Trying To Be God really captures what’s so impressive about the album as a whole. It’s woozy, psychedelic and in no rush to impress. It’s also masterfully curated from that transporting Stevie Wonder harmonica to James Blake’s heart-wrenching appearance at the tail-end. 4

Ti: Doesn’t really do much for me, but I appreciate new ideas, and I appreciate the creativity, direction, and also aspect ratio on the music video. Like, stuff making Vertical Videos, let’s make extra-wide videos! 2 for the song, 4.5 for the stunning video

CXLOE - Show You

Roz: This is massive. The energy in this chorus is pop writing perfection. While it might veer a little repetitive, the shift in delivery between the pre and the full thing, combined with such an effortless beat drop, is addictive instead of boring. I’m super excited to see what’s next for CXLOE, because this definitely got my attention. 4.5

Sam: This is right in the pocket. A big, ‘80s flavoured pop song that holds nothing back. I’m getting Carly Rae Jepsen vibes with the songwriting of Julia Michaels which is basically a pop slam-dunk. Aussie pop often shies away from songs this big so I’m glad CXLOE has taken it on. 4

Ti: Three from three. CXLOE is deservedly one of the most exciting pop artists in the country, this ought to be on every radio station in the country, get behind it. Massive. 4.75

ZAYN - Too Much (Feat. Timbaland)

Roz: I was prepared to be severely underwhelmed by this, and so was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t great, but it’s sufficiently enjoyable and Zayn’s voice sounds great on the chorus. Man that beat gets repetitive without any variation though. 3

Sam: Honestly, what the hell is he doing? It’s just mediocre single after mediocre single and while this one is marginally better than the others it’s still very middle of the road. These better be loose cuts before an album full of bangers or I may have to take the best One Direction alumni crown off him. 3

Ti: Someone’s left Zayn on autopilot again. 3

Iggy Azalea- Survive The Summer

Roz: I was mayyyyyybe prepared to give Iggy another chance but that simulated voicemail thing in the intro and again after each chorus is actually painful. The production is tolerable but I’m just not ready to hop back on the Iggy train. 1

Sam: I am midway through my second summer in a row and I’m doing just fine surviving it thanks Iggs. It’s just one of those songs that didn’t really need to exist but here it is. 2

Ti: She talks a pretty big game for someone on the way out. This song barely survives two minutes, let alone the summer. Tacky, cringey, forgettable. Bye, Iggy. 0.1, at least it’s over quickly

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