RAY BLK Is At Her Most Powerful And Vivid On New Single ‘Run Run’

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/09/2018

RAY BLK is back with her first solo drop in a year and it’s a powerful anthem Run Run.

Written about her direct experiences with “crime and poverty”, Run Run is an honest, autobiographical cut that may be one of her best moments yet.

Stylistically, it feels like she’s channelling early Mary J. Blige. It’s that type of voice that come straight from the heart, unfiltered.

Run Run draws on two real life stories that I’ve actually experienced,” RAY BLK said about the song.

“The first, about a guy with a gun at a party. That always resonated with me. The second, a robbery in my own home when my mum was still in the house.”

Check out the video below.