12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Brockhampton, MØ, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/13/2018

A week with so many good songs we had to put the extra effort in to write about two more than usual.

12. Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic

Childish Gambino's This Is America follow-up Summertime Magic couldn't be more different. He's back to the same vibes he gave us on Sober, singing the entirety of this laid-back summer jam. It doesn't have the same effect as its predessecor but it's better than nothing.

11. Amy Shark - All Loved Up

After a massive few years, Amy Shark's debut album Love Monster has finally arrived. The highlight of the set is this Jack Antonoff-produced cut All Loved Up which sounds like the best songs of Taylor Swift's reputation. She's really stepped it up with this record and it's impressive.

10. Tinashe - Like I Used To

Tinashe is one of the greatest mid-tempo R&B artists around but her second album Joyride just didn't have enough of them. Thankfully, she's dropped this loosie which is a stunning, dimly-lit cut that puts her vocals front and centre.

9. Terror Jr - Heaven Wasn't Made For Me

Terror Jr released music rapidly in 2017 but they've slowed it down this year and Heaven Wasn't Made For Me is their first release of the year. It's one of their slowest songs to date but the melody is flawless and the way that it builds towards a climax that never quite arrives is tense but perfect.

8. Buddy - Trippin' (Feat. Khalid)

Buddy is gearing up to release his debut album Harlan & Alondra next Friday and he's rolled out another new single. This time around he's enlisted serial feature artist Khalid for a soulful hook. It's the most commercial cut he's ever delivered but he still keeps it in his lane.

7. Jess Kent - Bass Bumps

Jess Kent has been in the US working with huge songwriters and touring the country with Hayley Kiyoko. Now she's finally delivered on new music dropping a double single. The A-side is Bass Bumps - a tongue-twister banger that has her tapping into her inner-M.I.A. once again.

6. The Internet - La Di Da

The Internet are the coolest band, let's be honest, and their latest track La Di Da drips with effortless confidence. It's a groovy, salsa-inspired number that has Syd calling herself "suave". Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

5. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Don't You Forget About Me

There was a time when we thought we may never hear from TEED again but he's back and churning out some of the most gorgeous music of his career. Don't You Forget About Me moves slowly and gently before expanding into this funk-driven beat that slays all the senses.

4. Benny Blanco - Eastside (Feat. Halsey & Khalid)

Benny Blanco is responsible for writing and producing some of the biggest pop songs of our time but now he's finally putting his own name to music, enlisting Halsey and Khalid for this effortless pop song. The pair wrap their vocals around one of the most slinky choruses we've heard in a long time.

3. Sigrid - Schedules

Sigrid has had some huge, powerful anthems but her latest Schedules sees her embrace her light-hearted side. The song is the fifth and final to be released from her Raw EP which has been rolled out over a number of months. Over a breezy beat she sings about diving head-first into a relationship even though she knows it's probably not a good idea.

2. MØ & Diplo - Sun In Your Eyes

The dream team of and Diplo are back together again for Sun In Your Eyes. It's one of her strongest pop tracks to date, capturing this feeling of nostalgia and warmth, both feelings aimed at summer in other parts of the world. Hopefully this new track mean we're edging closer to MØ's long-awaited second album.

1. Brockhampton - 1999 Wildfire

Brockhampton have picked up the pieces after a disastrous start to the year, dropping 1999 Wildfire. Unlike Tonya, this one re-injects them with energy over a beat that could be on the new Outkast album we'll never get. That early '00s R&B finish is also brilliant.

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