We Heard Some New Years & Years Songs Live And This Is What They Sound Like

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/27/2018

Years & Years performed a headline show in New York over the weekend on the same day as Pride NYC and used it as an opportunity to air some new Palo Santo songs. They opened with first single Sanctify and also played If You're Over Me and the title track of the record but there were plenty of unreleased songs also in there. Here's a quick rundown:


Hearing all the new songs in a live setting makes Sanctify seem like an even stranger choice for the lead single of the album. That said, it packs more of a punch in the live arena and was a really strong opener to the set.

If You're Over Me

This has the legs to be the biggest single from the album and that statement rings even truer when you see it live. It's a big singalong moment and even those who didn't know it well were singing it by the second chorus. The very definition of a bop.


Years & Years love an iconic synth line and this one brings it in the opening seconds. The previous singles from this record haven't exactly shown how influenced by house and club music Palo Santo is. Hallelujah is a giant banger with a speaker-shattering beat.There's something elevating about this song and it was one that the crowd instantly connected to.


The beat was out again on this one in force. The chorus of this one flourishes into something really special combining a club beat with hints of dancehall influences. As a performer Olly has grown in confidence and this song really embraces that willingness to go bigger.

Palo Santo

The title track of the new record was the most brooding moment of the whole set. The space in the first verse gives us a chance to really hear Olly sing. As a live vocalist he's come in leaps and bounds. He absolutely nails Palo Santo and gives it an extra power that it doesn't have on the recorded version.

All For You

All For You feels like it has the potential to be the biggest song on the record. Over a pounding, four-to-the-floor beat, Olly's vocals flourish particularly when it comes to the chorus. It's got the most melodic chorus of the bunch and if you're looking for a Shine or King moment then this is where you're going to find it.

Palo Santo will be released on 6th July