Sorry We’re Late But Mallrat’s ‘Groceries’ Is The Best Local Song Of The Year

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/19/2018

Consider this a public apology for not writing about Mallrat‘s new In The Sky yet but we needed to keep it for ourselves for a bit.

The young Aussie artist just keeps getting better, transforming from a quotable, internet rapper to one of the most honest, poignant songwriters in the country right now.

Her entire EP is great but the opener Groceries feels like a particularly triumphant moment for her as a songwriter. It perfectly sums up the feeling of having an inconvenient crush, flicking between the idea of everlasting love and wanting to remain independent.

The imagery of doing the groceries is such a beautiful one that shows how Mallrat can place importance on the mundane. It’s not a hyperbole, it’s not euphemism, it’s just straight from the mouth of Mallrat, unfiltered.

A breakthrough moment for her.