11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Playboi Carti, Years & Years, Rita Ora And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/11/2018

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have talked through their differences so we can finally put them harmoniously in a list together.

11. Peking Duk - Fire

Peking Duk are back and they've got Sarah Aarons on vocals which always equals something brilliant. Aarons gives a gutsy vocal performance in the verse here while Peking Duk colour it in with funky but powerful instrumentation.

10. Jungle - House In LA

Of the two songs Jungle released this week, House In LA stands out the most because it's unlike anything they've ever done before. For one, it's slow. They've never really had a chance to wrap their falsettos around something so elongated and winding. The results are pretty glorious.

9. Maximillian - Hollow Days

We have no doubt that Danish artist Maximillian will go on to be one of the best pop writers in the game and his latest Hollow Days is testament to that. It's his first release of the year and it feels like a confident step-up from his previous material. It immediately catches on but the songwriting is so slick and effortless that nothing feels forced.

8. Sam Bluer - Shift

Sam Bluer is a name you're going to hear much more about this year and he's kicked off his campaign with his first solo song Shift. Produced by Tigerilla and co-written by Maribelle, it's an extension of the Australian pop sound, mixing experimental electronics with an acute ear for intoxicating pop melodies.

7. Christina Aguilera - Twice

Christina Aguilera is giving us both sides of her forthcoming album Liberation going bonkers with Accelerate and now slowing it down for Twice. We know that Xtina can deliver a ballad like no other but she hasn't really matched the standards of Hurt or The Voice Within until now. She's definitely back.

6. Buddy - Trouble On Central

Buddy really shifts gear on this one veering into even funkier territory to what he achieved with Kaytranada on production. He's not only a brilliant rapper but an excellent artist with an effortless ear for some really groovy melodies. Watch him this year because he's going to keep getting bigger.

5. TĀLĀ - Stay Here In The Sun

TĀLĀ hasn't released anything since 2016's Zal EP but she's back with one of her strongest offerings to date Stay Here In The Sun. Stay Here In The Sun sees her team up with British pop producer Naughty Boy for a big moment full of sweeping orchestrals and delicate electronic experimentation.

4. Rita Ora, Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX - Girls

It's been teased and teased but it finally arrived and it doesn't let down. Each of the girls bring something completely different to the table and yet they manage to package it all together cohesively. Girls is a fun pop song but there's something deeper to be taken by the chemistry that each of them share. It's great to see four very different girls winning together.

3. Hopium - Sunglasses

Hopium is one of the best Australian songwriters right now and his more consistent pace of releases lately is really allowing us to see the diversity. Sunglasses is a neon-lit, slick cut that may be the most forthright he's ever been melodically.

2. Years & Years - If You're Over Me

Years & Years have given us If You're Over Me, the second single off their forthcoming record Palo Santo. The previous song Sanctify was dark and deranged but this one takes us firmly back into pop territory with a chorus that is going to swirl round your head for days.

1. Playboi Carti - Poke It Out (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Simultaneously the most ridiculous and brilliant song of the week comes courtesy of Playboi Carti and Nicki Minaj. It's taken from Carti's surprise album Die Lit and features a delectable, winding hook that only he could deliver. Minaj gets extra points for managing to mention Natalie Imbruglia in her verse.

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