11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Travis Scott, Christina Aguilera, Troye Sivan And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/04/2018

A huge week full of bold and confusing returns.

11. Troye Sivan - Bloom

Troye Sivan is back with the next single Bloom off his forthcoming second album. Bloom follows on from My, My, My and The Good Side, taking the neon-lit, dancefloor direction of the former.

10. RAYE - Crew (Feat. Kojo Funds, Ray BLK)

RAYE released an EP today Side Tape and we can't get past the opener. Crew is a slick pop track dripping in British club influences. It's full of energy and attitude and picks the perfect guests in Kojo Funds and Ray BLK to match that.

9. GRAACE - Kissing Boys

21 year-old Sydney artist GRAACE has come in strong with her debut track for this project Kissing Boys. You may have heard her on Hayden James' 2017 single Numb but her personality really shines through on this, as she flicks between the flirtatious and the melancholic.

8. Julia Michaels - Jump (Feat. Trippie Redd)

Julia Michaels could make a song over the instrumental of a Creed song and make it life-changing so it's unsurprising that this latest cut is a minimal affair that gives her plenty of space to work her melodic magic. It's just an A-grade pop song - the type only she could craft so simply.

7. Tove Styrke - Sway

Tove Styrke has delivered another crisp pop masterpiece Sway. Sway is the title track of her new album and it's wobbly, slinky and delectable all at the same time with Styrke serving some of her most addictive melodies to date.

6. Gallant - Doesn't Matter

Gallant is back with the official first single Doesn't Matter off his forthcoming second album. Doesn't Matter sounds distinctively like Gallant but he's embraced big pop melodies which help elevate the song to another level.

5. Swae Lee - Touchscreen Navigation

Rae Sremmurd released their triple disc album today featuring a solo record from each of them. It's Swae Lee's Swaecation that we're really digging, particularly this suave opener that drips with neon-lit beats and woozy hooks.

4. Travis Scott - Watch (Feat. Kanye West & Lil Uzi Vert)

There have been better weeks to drop a new song with a Kanye feature but let's just sidestep that for a moment to acknowledge that Travis Scott is one of the best voices in hip-hop right now. It feels like he's picked back up on his Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight form and gone even darker for this auto-tuned masterpiece.

3. Florence + The Machine - Hunger

Florence + The Machine's Hunger is the first single off her forthcoming album High As Hopes and it's a mighty return. She's at her most honest and rawest here but that big ol' voice is still out in force. Somehow, she's also managed to make this heartwrenching song danceable.

2. Christina Aguilera - Accelerate (Feat. 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign)

This is no doubt going to be one of the most divisive pop moments of the year. Christina Aguilera's comeback song Accelerate is absolutely cooked - it sounds like four songs at once, none of which sound like anything that's on the radio though. Somehow though she stitches it together to make one of the most exciting tracks we've heard in a long time.

1. serpentwithfeet- cherubim

serpentwithfeet has released the second song off his forthcoming record soil and it's another stellar cut. Cherubim is a love song but not a sweet one. It's a thundering track delivered with the sort of theatric drama that only he can give.

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