10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Nicki Minaj, Janelle Monáe, Sigrid And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/13/2018

Your weekend survival kit.

10. ZAYN - Let Me

ZAYN seems to be eyeing his second album finally and Let Me is his latest single. It's a smooth R&B cut that finally puts his vocals first. More of this please.

9. Empress Of - Trust Me Baby / In Dreams

Empress Of has released her first new music of the year with double single Trust Me Baby and In Dreams. The US artist uses both Spanish and English on both songs using the two languages interchangeably. The synth-pop tracks are exactly the sort of thing we've come to expect from her but they get even more personal.

8. King Princess - Talia

King Princess is signed to Mark Ronson's Zelig Recordings but she's not gaining momentum purely because of the connection. Her last track 1950 immediately got airplay on triple j and now she's returned with an even better track Talia. Talia has an intensity to it that gives King Princess room to dig into the strongest and most textured pockets of her voice.

7. August 08 - Lately

AUGUST 08 is an fresh artist from the 88rising camp that also includes Rich Brian and Rina Sawayama. He released Funeral earlier in the year and also featured on Brian's album but his latest track Lately has solidified his place as one of the best new artists of the year so far. Lately is a hazy R&B song that'll get you in your feelings. It moves at a beautifully slow pace but captures you immediately with the immediately strong vocals.

6. Florence + The Machine - Sky Full Of Song

Florence + The Machine is finally back and Sky Full Of Song is a gentle but emotional return. She puts that top-tier voice front and centre, slowing time for a startlingly powerful few minutes.

5. Baker Boy - Mr La Di Da Di

Indigenous rapper Baker Boy is on track to be one of this country's biggest MCs and he's only continuing on that path with Mr La Di Da Di. It's a bilingual banger that incorporates elements of funk and is likely to be a force on the dancefloor for the next few months.

4. Swae Lee - Guatemala

Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee continues to prove he can write a damn good pop song, serving up a summer smash with Guatemala. He goes for that dancehall-inspired beat again and smacks it out of the park, subtly but successfully. We're here for Swaecation.

3. Sigrid - High Five

Sigrid is back with track three of her forthcoming EP that she's drip-feeding to us and it's another stellar cut. We're back to those power-pop vibes on this one with Sigrid opening her lungs for one hell of a chorus.

2. Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li

Everytime Nicki Minaj returns it feels like she's got something to prove. She never lets us down though, delivering one of her most explicitly fierce solo raps on Chun-Li. The hook, the beat and the bars all marry-up for a cut that feels distinctively Nicki but also fresh.

1. Janelle Monáe - PYNK

Janelle Monáe's has dropped PYNK featuring Grimes, the third release off her forthcoming album Dirty Computer.Make Me Feel and Django Jane also had us yearning for the record and now PYNK has pushed us over the edge. It's more subtle than Make Me Feel, serving us gentle funk before it explodes into a big chorus. It's effortlessly cool and sexy.

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