We Finally Have The Video For Taylor Swift's 'Delicate' AKA The Best Song On 'Reputation'

Written By the interns on 03/12/2018

The best song (in our opinion) on Taylor Swift's Reputation is finally here. Premiering at the iHeartRadio Music awards, the Joseph Kahn-directed clip for Delicate shows Taylor breaking free from a red carpet, becoming invisible and dancing through the streets of New York.

There originally were fears amongst Taylor Swift fans that the video was going to be full of 'robots' and 'futuristic stuff' like ...Ready For It? and Bad Blood. Kahn in turn trolled the fans, tweeting the following tongue-in-cheek remarks, referencing the past Swift videos he's directed:

Fans can rest easy as there's no "futuristic stuff" in sight. Except for the turning invisible bit, maybe. Watch below.