10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Lily Allen, Vince Staples, Years & Years And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/09/2018

Pop these on your iPod mini.

10. Wet - There's A Reason

Brooklyn trio Wet are back after a period of silence and they're straight back to business. There's A Reason is a tight, honest pop song with a chorus born from '90s alt-pop.

9. Lana Del Rey - You Must Love Me

Lana Del Rey's cover of Madonna's You Must Love Me has dropped and she owns it. Del Rey has always had a voice suited to sweeping movie soundtracks so it's really no surprise that the Evita track fits her like a glove.

8. Kehlani - Let Me Live

Kehlani is serving up fire all year and her latest is the empowering anthem for Oprah starring movie A Wrinkle In Time. It's the kind of song that would be boring at the hands of anyone else. Kehlani's different feel for it makes it captivating.

7. Years & Years - Sanctify

Years & Years have finally returned with Sanctify, the first single off their forthcoming sophomore album. It's a slick, elevating pop song that thunders along with a tribal beat.

6. Lily Allen - Three

This is the tenderest moment of Lily Allen's two songs dropped today from her forthcoming album No Shame. Three is written from the perspective of her three year-old and it's heartbreakingly beautiful

5. Lorde - Supercut (Feat. Run The Jewels)

Lorde's tour mates Run The Jewels have flipped Supercut on its head with El-P completely renovating the beat and then adding a new verse alongside Killer Mike. It's completely givena new life to Supercut that we never knew it had in it.

4. serpentwithfeet - bless ur heart

serpentwithfeet is almost surely going to have one of the album's of the year in soil. bless ur heart is so strange and sweeping, it's difficult not to be instantly taken away by it.

3. Lily Allen - Higher

Lily Allen has scaled it right back with this latest project and it's revealed some of her most honest songwriting to date. Higher is warm, intimate and intensely personal with Allen's delicate voice at the centre.

2. Evan Giia - Westworld

Evan Giia has been around for a little while but she's just arrived in a big way with new song Westworld.
Westworld has been released through ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective label and it may be one of the biggest songs to ever come out of the label. The opening verse tricks us into thinking it's going to be a sleek number but a pulsating beat ensures that it's shot straight into banger territory.

1. Vince Staples - Get The Fuck Off My Dick

Vince Staples started a GoFundMe yesterday asking people who want him to quit music to donate $2 million. He said either, "Get off of my dick, or fund my lifestyle." Well, it seems everyone's already decided the former because he's continuing with music and has dropped a new song Get The Fuck Off My Dick. The song actually doesn't sound as aggressive as its title would suggest. The beat is subtle and gentle in places and his rap is one of his more melodic. He does bring it in the lyrics though, making it very clear that your opinions mean very little to him.

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