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Heavy Rules Mixtape

What You Need To Know: Finnish artist Alma has already stormed the charts in Europe with singles like Phases and Chasing Heights but now she's dropped her debut mixtape. It's something to keep fans happy while they wait for the debut album which she's working on with Charli XCX.

At A Glance: If you liked Charli XCX's mixtapes last year, you're going to love this one. It's a short but instantly loveable collection of tightly written pop songs and it includes collaborations with MØ, Tove Styrke and Kiiara. While you get the feeling her best work is still to come, it proves she knows exactly where pop music is headed.

Must Hear Tracks: Good Vibes, Dance For Me

In Short: An instantly enjoyable collection of pop songs by a popstar who oozes personality.




What You Need To Know: British indie pop band Superorganism only formed in early 2017 but they instantly drew hype with their debut single Something For Your M.I.N.D. Since then, they haven't released a bad single on the way to their debut album written, produced and performed entirely by the band.

At A Glance: Superorganism are the type of band that would have done really well around the time Black Kids and MGMT were having their time in the sun. Their genre of quirky pop seems totally outdated now but there's something so inventive about this record that makes it sound like it belongs in 2018. It's simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic, using a scrap book of sounds.

Must Hear Tracks: Something For Your M.I.N.D., It's All Good, Night Time

In Short: A melting pot of sounds that never stops revealing itself.




What You Need To Know: Canadian singer Tory Lanez has given us a consistent string of mixtapes but this is only his second album. With collaborators including Future, 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa he's made an R&B/pop crossover record.

At A Glance: Despite a string of great singles, Tory Lanez has never been consistent enough to put him in the league of peers like PartyNextDoor and Byrson Tiller. Memories Don't Die is once again a mediocre project that chases trends without giving anything distinctive. Too often, it sounds behind the game and it doesn't help that he's chosen a slew of off-peak collaboraters. He's actually at his best when he's going for a melodic pop vibe.

Must Hear Tracks: Hypnotized

In Short: A culmination of popular styles, none of which quite stick. 


Moss Kena

Found You In 06

What You Need To Know: After making a name for himself with covers, 20 year-old Londonder Moss Kena has delivered his debut EP Found You In '06. The title is a nod to Amy Winehouse's Back To Black which was released in 2006.

At A Glance: With a title that nods to Winehouse, it's unsurprising that this EP is a supremely soulful effort. His dizzyingly high voice wraps itself around minimal, R&B-influenced beats that escalate to soaring choruses. It's an incredibly confident, cohesive effort and one that tells us exactly what to expect from Kena as an artist. 

Must Hear Tracks: Square One, Problems

In Short: A very strong introduction to an artist who has a voice too good to not be recognised.