10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: CHVRCHES, Tove Styrke, Middle Kids And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/02/2018

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10. Sasha Sloan - Normal

You may have heard Sasha Sloan's vocals on ODESZA's A Moment Apart album last year but she's stepped out on her own with two brilliant drops today. Normal is out favourite. It's a slick, honest pop song about being out drunk when you just wanna be at home. We can all relate.

9. LOVA - You Me And The Silence

So many songs come out on a Friday that it's so easy to skip past greatness but often there is a song so strong that it strikes you on first listen. This is today's find. We'd love to tell you about LOVA but we know nothing. This is her debut release and it's woozy, intimate track that has this winding, quaint melody that is too endearing to ignore.

8. Mahalia - Proud Of Me (Feat. Little Simz)

British singer Mahalia has been releasing music for the better part of three years now but Proud Of Me really feels like her time. It's a throwback, vintage soul song that allows her personality to shine through. She's got a touch of Lily Allen's personality with a soulful Jorja Smith feel too which equates to something really instantly likeable.

7. Middle Kids - Mistake

Australia's best band Middle Kids are getting ready to release their debut album Lost Friends and this newie makes us impossibly excited. Somehow the trio just keep churning out these anthemic, emotional moments that make us believe guitar music is alive and well. Exceptional songwriting on display here.

6. Eilish Gilligan - S.M.F.Y.

We love young artists who just get better with every release and that's exaclty what Eilish Gilligan is doing. This is not only the Aussie artist's best song so far it's also her most confident. Over pulsating bass, Gilligan crafts this energetic yet delicate pop song that sparkles from start to finish. It house the same sort of nostalgic energy of Lorde's Supercut, soaring higher and higher right until its dying moments.

5. CHVRCHES - Get Out

CHVRCHES are back readying their forthcoming third album and they've dropped off the first slice of it. They said they were going to go pop on this record but the difference is hardly noticeable on Get Out. It's still that big, euphoric and bitter CHVRCHES that we've come to love so much. The bass throbs and the synths sizzle as Lauren Mayberry's voice glides through this one with ease.

4. Jake Howden - I Don't Love You Like I Used To

NSW Central Coast artist Jake Howden has swiftly backed up his Quintilis EP with his best moment yet I Don't Love You Like I Used To. The effortless cut flows like it's the song he was born to make. It's a masterful pop song that shows he's got a natural knack for melody that's likely to take him into the upper-echelons of the charts in no time. He's now sitting in the lane of artists like The 1975 and HAIM in the way that he's able to insert his own individuality into an accessible tune. It's very impressive and something that we really don't see often in this country.

3. Tove Styrke - Changed My Mind

Swedish artist Tove Styrke has always been great but it feels like she's kicked things to another level lately. Changed My Mind is her third single in less than a year and it's a slippery, glossy pop song. Changed My Mind hits subtly with a cool, calm and collected chorus and a drop pulled straight from Major Lazer's manual. The end result, however, is something that slyly gets under your skin.

2. Rejjie Snow - Rainbows

Rejjie Snow's forthcoming Dear Annie is shaping up to be one of the year's best if the track's released so far are any indication. His latest is Rainbows, a glitchy, lo-fi track that packs a soulful and rhythmic touch.

1. Rae Morris - Dip My Toe

Rae Morris' second album Someone Out There is out today and it house this gem. As with all Morris bangers it has a sparkly, delicate nature but there's a bite to all the lyrics. It's danceable, quirky and endearing, brimming with flirty energy.

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