Bhad Bhabie Has No Time For The Haters

Whether you like it or not, you're going to be hearing a lot about Bhad Bhabie this year. Scroll Twitter and everyday you'll come across another confession from someone saying that they're digging the 'Cash Me Ousside' girl because she's served bop after bop for the last few months.

She's only just getting started too. The 14 year-old has a mixtape planned for this year and she's been hanging around with everyone from Lil Pump to Travis Scott. We spoke to her on the phone from LA where we talked about everything from dealing with the haters to what the plan is, if there is one at all. 

If someone told you you’d be a rap star 12 months ago what would you have told them?
I would have said, “the fuck, you’re lying.”

You blew up very quickly but did you ever have a plan to work on a musical career?
Hell no. Hellllllll no, I did not expect this at all. There was never no plan, it was all just go with what we’re given.

Was there a certain point where you were like, “shit yeah, I can do this rap thing”?
Yes right now actually.

How is it to get news that you’ve got two charting songs in the US when at the start of this year you didn’t even know you’d be doing this?
It’s crazy, it really is crazy.

Do you have any rappers that you use for inspiration?
Um, not really. We go with what I wanna do. I don’t really use these rappers as influences on my music, more on my confidence.

Obviously you’ve had to read a lot about yourself over the past year. Do you have to stay offline now or do you like getting involved with the haters?
I kind of stay offline. Lots of people are negative and I can’t really respond to every little whore on here talking shit.

Sometimes the best thing to do is prove yourself with your success.



What’s the plan for the next 12 months? Do you have one?

Yeah. I’m gonna go for a mixtape or an EP in January. Probably in January.


That’s exciting. Will that have the songs that you’ve released so far on it?



Do you have an album in your sights or does that feel like a while off?

That might be middle of the year. I dunno maybe like a summer album maybe that might happen. July or September maybe.


What about collaborations? Is there anybody you’re working with?

I’ve worked with a few artists but yeahhhhh.


Keeping it a secret?

I mean, you could guess and I’ll tell you but yeah. Hopefully in January I’m dropping a remix of Hi Bich with like a bunch of artists. I wanna do a female and a male version.