Here's A Running Tally Of Every Drink Taylor Swift Has In The 'End Game' Video

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/15/2018

Two takeaways from Taylor Swift's reputation were that she swears now and also drinks. She dropped the third video from the album last week for End Game and drinking seems to be the biggest theme as she makes a point of drinking from every type of glass possible. It's important that we take a look at every time she drinks because it's what she would've wanted.

Here it looks like she's drinking an Old Fashioned which she mentions briefly in Getaway Car. She's with Future though so she really should've been drinking Dirty Sprite.

Cheers Ed. When one is with Ed, one drinks a sensible scotch.

No Dance Dance Revolution sesh is complete without a cheeky Vodka Cranberry. In a tall glass, of course.

Here's a festival hack we hadn't thought of. Sneak your booze in in a popper. Very clever Tay.

CheeeEEEeeeeEEERs to the freakin' weekend (I'll drink to that)

And again! This time with a pint. She's not fussy.

Nothing like a cheeky swig while casually playing video games on a bar. Nothing to see here.

Okay, that's eight drinks now.

She's going home to text an ex.

Here's the video, btw. It's far better than anything I've made while drunk: