Porter Robinson Unveils EP As New Project 'Virtual Self'

Written By Zanda Wilson on 11/30/2017

Porter Robinson has changed tact once again, unveiling his new project Virtual Self's debut self-titled EP.

Robinson had previously dropped two tracks, 'Ghost Voices' and 'EON BREAK' as Virtual Self, and now he's followed up with an extended play that contains those as well as three brand new cuts.

The first listen may come as a shock to those Porter fans who are really only familiar with his work since his brilliant 2014 album Worlds, as he harks back to his early days with this new project.

If releasing an EP under a new name wasn't confusing enough, in true Porter style he's split the EP into two further distinct personalities; technic_angel and Pathselector.

The former personality sees two tracks, 'Ghost Voices' and 'A.I.ngel (Become God)' formed in a slow-burning, haunting style not dissimilar to previous songs like 'Polygon Dust' and 'Fresh Static Snow.'

It's through the remaining three tracks as Pathselector that we really see Robinson indulge, with Dance Dance Revolution beats and even happy-hardcore tendencies evident.

He's even given these spilt personalities live through creepy new album artwork. Give the EP a listen, below.