First Impressions: Little Mix, Rae Morris, LANKS And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/29/2017

First Impressions are our weekly roundtable reviews sifting through all the fresh new music. Our writers take a listen, slap a score on it and then justify said score. This week Rae Morris, Carlie Hanson, Tkay Maidza and Danny L. Harle, LANKS, Little Mix and Azekel face the jury.

Rae Morris - Atletico

Nathan Jake: Despite the energetic and loud production, there’s nothing here that makes me want to listen again. The song attempts to build layers of production to an epic point in the final chorus but by that time, I just feel like my ears are being attacked. 2.5

Jake Howden: A tune that threw me around all over the place. Beginning with sharp dry vocal cuts that draw you in from the opening phrase, followed by a boppy hook and feel good distant chorus. This song feels like summer, in all the best ways possible.
I can already see a tent full of sweaty festival goers getting around this absolute banger! 3.5

Georgia Griffiths: There’s a lot going on here but none of it really grabs me. You expect all the layers to build up to something but it never quite gets there. The more isolated vocals at the beginning are probably the highlight of the track – sometimes less is more. 2

Isabella Moore: This track just feels really cluttered, messy and a bit confusing. I think there were a lot of ideas buzzing around that they attempted to marry together, but it didn’t really work. It’s a bit of a no from me. 2

Sam Murphy: Each Rae Morris song takes me so many listens to start enjoying but in deep with this one now. I think it’s a supremely produced pop song with so many subtle textures and details. That chorus is weird and ethereal and she uses her voice in such an experimental, interesting way. 4

Tkay Maidza & Danny L. Harle - Bom Bom

Nathan: In the past I’ve really enjoyed Tkay on electronic and dancey tracks and this year I’ve loved Danny L. Harle’s production. But maybe I enjoy those things separately because I think this track is quite one-note. On paper, I should love this and it makes me a bit sad that I don’t. 3

Jake: I’m not sure what to say about this one. Well I am, it’s good. I think. It’s just not my cup of tea. I really like that soft part from 2:15 - 2:32, but like Nathan said, everything feel very ‘one-note’. 2.5

Georgia: This one took me a while to warm up to, but now I can’t get it out of my head. The beat is very danceworthy, and Tkay’s rap is impressive (as per usual). I don’t think it’s Tkay’s best, but it’d go down well at a show. 3.5

Isabella: I love so much about this song. From how well Tkay’s voice fits and bounces on top of this beat to literally everything about Danny L Harle’s production. A part of me sort of wishes that it went somewhere else but everything that is here just fits so well together and I have hardly any complaints. 4

Sam: It’s definitely not for everyone and it borders on annoying but that’s what I love about it. There’s something about the way Tkay switches up that “bom bom” hook that grabs me straight away. It’s fun, forward-thinking and best of all, gives us a different side to both of the artists. 4

Carlie Hanson - Only One

Nathan: Carlie Hanson is one to watch in 2018. She has the personality and the great music to support her ascension to pop stardom. I think Only One is a solid follow-up to her first single - it’s bang on trend and should do fairly well on streaming but I know she has some better stuff to come. 3.5

Jake: Aaalllrriiggghhtttt, this is fucking good!
Incredible harmonies throughout, inspiring build from start to finish, but nothing’s overdone. The little delicate touches on the production sound like how chocolate tastes, FUCKKIINGG GOOD! I’ve never heard of Charlie Hanson before this, now I’ll never be able to forget her name. 4.5

Georgia: This is pretty good! It has very clean production and everything works well together without overwhelming each other. I can definitely see some remixes coming from this very soon. It’s the type of tune Spotify keeps pushing in their New Music Friday playlist at the moment, so Carlie and her team obviously know what they’re doing. Will be interested to see what she does next. 4

Isabella: Um this is so great! Going to go and check out the rest of Carlie’s stuff after that. The vocals on this one are beautiful and they glide perfectly over the minimalistic and wispy production. While I dig everything going on here, I can see her taking her sound to bigger and more exciting places. This one’s going to blow up over summer as well I think. 4

Sam: I don’t know if I’m yelling from the rooftops about this one as I was with Why Did You Lie? but there’s not doubt that it’s a bop. She reminds me of a more melodic, less generic Hailee Steinfeld and I’m sorry if that comes off like an insult, it’s not. 3

Little Mix - Is Your Love Enough?

Nathan: I don’t think this song is good enough to warrant an album re-release. It’s just…completely fine. 3

Jake: Did we need any more proof that Little Mix are one of the best groups in the world right now? We’ve come to expect nothing less than quality from them since their inception in 2011. Seamless vocals throughout with Despacito-esque production. ‘Is your love enough?’ is a safe bet from Sony, very catchy, very radio friendly. I get proper Shakira ‘Hip don’t lie’ vibes from this one! It’s goood! 3.5

Georgia: This is gunna go off in every shopping centre over summer. It’s inoffensive and relatively catchy. It’s also got that Latin sound that everyone is frothing right now. If you asked me to distinguish it from any other Little Mix song I probably couldn’t. 2.5

Isabella: This song is honestly just such a shame. Little Mix are the best but this is a bit of a miss for me. I love the steamy pre-chorus and the call and response vocals but the verses and chorus are just straight annoying. 2

Sam: I’m having a laugh at it definitely not being deserving of an entire album re-release but Little Mix can do no wrong in my books. They’re the best girl group since the Spice Girls and every song just nails the pop basics. They jump on trends at a clever pace and this is an example of a good but not groundbreaking hit. And yep, that’s enough for me. 3.5

LANKS - My Own Mystery (Feat. Ngaiire)

Nathan: This is great. The rawness of LANKS’ vocal is a perfect match for the production and NGAIIRE is a worthy addition to the track. 4

Jake: THIS IS SUMMER! This is a road trip with your bestfriends screaming the lyrics out until they can't speak anymore. This is yet another quality TTTUUNNNEEE from Lanks. Very heart warming, very catchy, very Lanks! Hard to fault this one. 4.5

Georgia: Lanks, it’s not you, it’s me. You and NGAIIRE are two of my absolute favourite young Aussie artists at the moment, so on paper I should love this track. But when I actually listened to it I was super disappointed. I just didn’t really vibe with the 80s undertones, and it reminded me of five other songs that’ve been released this year. Sorry. 2.5

Isabella: This is the best that LANKS has ever sounded. He’s never been more upfront, detailed and intimate with his lyrics and vocals! NGAIIRE just blew it out of the water on this song too! With a debut album coming out next year and this absolute stunner, I think 2016 is going to be his year. 4.5

Sam: Ah man, I didn’t think I would dig LANKS and Ngaiire’s vocals together as much as I do. This warm production is such a beautiful bed for their smooth, soulful vocals. I love how LANKS creates this softness with his vocal and then Ngaiire comes through with this careful yet powerful verse. More. Of. This. Please. 4

Azekel - Can We Have Fun (In The House Tonight)

Nathan: As a pop person, I found this so boring I forgot I was listening to it. 1.5

Jake: My lord! Radiating Frank Ocean vibes, ‘Can We Have Fun’ is a huge breath of fresh air. I feel like the world is in slow motion when listening to this tune. Imagine walking into a party, everyone’s dancing, everyone's happy to be alive, then you get handed a shot of vodka and a plate of party pies. That’s what this tune feels like! Pure bliss. 3.5

Georgia: I get huge Redbone-era Gambino vibes from this. The instrumentals are a lot of fun and Azekel’s layered vocals work well. Would definitely crank this one up at a summer arvo barbeque. 3.5

Sam: Off the first few listens, I love this so much. I’m getting major Miguel vibes with a bit of a British flavour to it too. I’m just hoping I don’t add it to a playlist and then skip it everytime it comes on because I’m looking for something more immediate. Sometimes I just don’t have the attention span for stuff as slowly unfolding as this. 3.5

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