First Impressions: 6LACK, Diplo, Odette And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/21/2017

First Impressions are our weekly roundtable reviews sifting through all the fresh new music. Our writers take a listen, slap a score on it and then justify said score. This week Basenji, Odette, Stefflon Don, Fabiana Palladino and 6LACK face the jury.

Basenji - Mistakes (Feat. Tkay Maidza)

Ti Butler: I like this, but it feels about thirty seconds too long. It has some real potential to cross over onto the charts - it’s just got that sound, y’know? - but I’m worried it sounds too similar to too many other songs to stand out. In fact, it made me go back to listening to Tkay’s Simulation and MOB and Switch Lanes again, which, for the record, continue to be absolute belters. 3

Michael Swallow: This is good. I think Basenji has a good record of releasing quality songs and this is no exception. It is a bit predictable and I prefer Don’t Let Go, but there's some BRASS in it which always gives it some extra points. 3.5

Sam Murphy: This actually could be one of my favourite local tracks of the year. Tkay has never sounded so good singing and Basenji's production has also never sounded so dense and melodic. The pair work incredibly well together even though they're operating out of their comfort zones and it results in a pop song that's familiar but not safe. It's also got a layer of emotion which always helps too. 4

Odette - Collide

Ti: What an absolute discovery Odette is. Love this. Not as immediately attention-grabbing as Watch Me Read You, but no less gorgeous. 4

Michael: If a song can hold your attention for 4 mins and be mostly based around piano and vocals then it's getting a hell of a lot right. I kinda expected it to explode at the end (ala James Blake - Retrograde style), but it didn't which is a little sad. 4

Sam: One of the most captivating, mature songwriters in the country strikes again with a delicate cut of gentle harmonies and winding verses. I thought I'd really miss the spoken word verses of Watch Me Read You if she sung through the follow-up but her voice is just as captivating here. The production gives her plenty of space to show-off vocally and I'm still getting goosebumps on the 10th listen. 4

Stefflon Don - Ding-A-Ling (Feat. Skepta)

Ti: Yikes. Everyone involved is better than this. 0

*Insert poop emoji here*. 0

Sam: This is such a bold follow-up choice to the far more accessible Hurtin Me but I love it. It feels like a Nicki Minaj Anaconda moment which is kind of what she needed to stamp herself in everyone's mind. Sure this chorus is going to drive half the population nuts but the verses should pull at least some of them back. 3.5

Diplo - Get It Right (Feat. MO)

Ti: When’s the Olympics again? February? This feels about inspiring enough for Channel Seven to use in a montage of athletes training for the Olympics over summer. 3

Michael: Yeah idk, it's sound is just not as interesting to me as it used to be. But when you say, ‘Diplo and MØ have a song out’ I imagine it will sound like this so it'll probably be #1 for 15 weeks. 2.5

Sam: I really like this but it's just another Diplo and MØ collaboration, isn't it. They are all starting to blend into each other and maybe they need to give each other some space for a while. That said, I'm really enjoying this. It feels soulful and hearty and the only time I'm turned off is when we get the very Diplo-esque drop. 3

Fabiana Palladino - Mystery

Ti: This is not something I’d ever choose to listen to, but if I was doing music supervision on an 80’s-inspired film and I couldn’t get the rights to a haunting-sounding 80’s song, I’d go for this. 2

Michael: This is my shit. 80s vibes, sounds a bit like M83 cross with the Stranger Things sound track. It's simple, delicate, but so different it makes me stop what I'm doing and listen intently. 4.5

Sam: For something that feels so lo-fi, this is absolutely epic. The Paul brothers (A.K. and Jai) have a knack for making something feel broken and distorted but also soulful. Palladino's crystalline vocal juxtaposes that beautifully and manages to shed light on what is otherwise a very industrial song. There are geniuses at work on this and I have a feeling this is just the beginning. 4.5

6LACK - In Between (Feat. Banks)

Ti: The Banks bit is good, isn’t it? 2.5

Michael: Banks is incredible, but this is boring. 2

Sam: I've been really trying to seperate 6LACK in my mind from the rest of the late night hip-hop/R&B going around right now because I feel like he's got something really special but this isn't helping that. I still look at BANKS as the popular girl at school who was jaded once and turned against the world so I don't feel the honesty in anything she does. Maybe that's my problem but all this is combining to make me not like the song. Beat is fire though. Props to Aussie producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP. 2

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