11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Tove Lo, Basenji, Stefflon Don And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/17/2017

Featuring a majority of Australian acts.

11. Diplo - Get It Right (Feat. MØ)

Diplo and continue their winning partnership with another smash. It's probably one of the sparsest things they've ever done together, giving us a chance to ~really~ hear her sing in the verses. Then we're hit with a trademark Diplo drop and all is well in the world.

10. Stefflon Don - Ding-A-Ling

Stefflon Don has dropped a huge one today, unveiling Ding-A-Ling with grime king Skepta. After channelling dancehall vibes on her last single Hurtin' Me, she's gone for something harder this time around with a hook that's unforgettable. She's one of the most daring, bold artists going around right now and whether you hate or love this, you're going to listen.

9. Jack River - Fault Line

Jack River is back after the knockout that was Fool's Gold and the good news is she's still on a roll. River's latest is another shimmering pop song with a rock heart and a chorus that commands you to repeat. It also comes with a video that proves she's exactly the superstar she thought you were.

8. Miss Blanks - Bread (Feat. Dai Burger)

Our favourite new MC Miss Blanks released her EP Diary Of A Thotaholic today and this opener is our pick off the bunch. Over icy production, Blanks brings all her attitude to the table making it pretty clear who is in control. Her flow is captivating and this one proves she's able to slow things down a bit as well as heat up the dancefloor.

7. Tigerilla - Money In My Jeans (Feat. Muki)

Tigerilla and Muki have teamed up for a summer smash Money In My Jeans. Tigerilla jumps on vocal duties for this song alongside Muki, bringing a soulful touch to the glassy, euphoric tune. Muki's verse brings Charli XCX vibes and only adds to the happiness that the song exudes.

6. Miguel - Pineapple Skies

Miguel's next taste from War & Leisure may also be the most accessible yet. He's been serving roughed-up productions but this one is much crisper, allowing us to hear that smooth soul that well fell in love with on Adorn.

5. Odette - Collide

Odette became one of this country's youngest treasures with her debut Watch Me Read you and she's only intoxicated us more with Collide. Her voice captures so much emotion that it's almost impossible to escape Collide without a heavy heart. It's beautiful.

4. Oh Boy - Love Me Right (Feat. Sam Bluer)

Sydney producer Oh Boy has teamed with newcomer Sam Bluer for his latest pop/R&B crossover Love Me Right. Oh Boy has served up a colourful, bubblegum-flavoured backdrop on Love Me Right but it's also his most soulful cut to date. A lot of that has to do with the vocals delivered by Bluer who is a Melbourne vocalist ready to burst onto the scene. His vocals provide a strong melody that weaves its way through Oh Boy's ever-intriguing samples.

3. Hatchie - Sure

Brisbane songwriter Hatchie impressed us with her debut Try and now she's blown us away with the follow-up Sure.
Sure is an expertly written pop song, textured with a flurry of layered-vocals and washed-out instrumentation. It all contributes to a melodic daydream that's so effortless you'd swear she'd been having hits with songs like this for years.

2. Tove Lo - Cycles

Tove Lo can write one hell of a pop song and this highlight from her new album BLUE LIPS (lady wood phase II) is the perfect example of that. Production-wise it's minimal, relying completely on the melody with Lo handles like only a Swedish popstar can. She slinks around that beat with ease and it's addictive from start to finish.

1. Basenji - Mistakes (Feat. Tkay Maidza)

Tkay Maidza and Basenji have collaborated for one of the more heartfelt electronic tunes you're likely to hear this year Mistakes. Maidza takes the role of singer for this emotional cut while Basenji surrounds here with delicate, sparse production that works towards a beefed-up chorus.

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