NSTASIA's Skrillex-Produced ' Parachute' Is Effortless

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/08/2017

Image: Facebook

Last week, we introduced NSTASIA with the effortless Hell Of A Time and now she's backed it up with Parachute.

Parachute was produced by Skrillex and it shows the softer side of the producer's beats, allowing NSTASIA's voice to float effortlessly above the instrumental.

"'Parachute' is about being so high and enjoying it that if you have to come down you want it to be a safe landing (lol)," she told Complex.

She also explained that "it was only right" that Skrillex was involved in the EP because, "he's so amazing and it's always a blast working with him."

Her EP New Religion is out 17th November.