in. Playlist Curated By Fortunes.

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/01/2017

New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based duo Fortunes. returned last week with Daddies, a same-sex marriage anthem that also doubles as a huge banger and we've had it on repeat since it dropped.

The Future Classic-signed group have made a name for themselves with innovative R&B/electronica crossovers that came together beautifully on this year's Undress EP. Now they have their sites on a debut album and if Daddies is anything to go by, it's going to be pretty special.

Next on the horizon for the two is an appearance at Melbourne Music Week for a show at the end of November that includes Sampa The Great, The Harpoons, Marcus Whale and more. It's park of a week of celebrations that also includes shows by Kirin J Callinan, Jacques Greene, Jack River, Masego and more.

Ahead of that, we could both Barnaby and Conor to put together a playlist of their favourite songs and they've both delivered with 5 songs each. Barnaby's list includes Sabrina Claudio and Mount Kimbie while Conor has gone for Bruce Springsteen and Benjamin Clementine.


Iglooghost – Super Ink Burst

I want whatever this guy’s having.This shit is wild.

Lunice – Distrust ft. Denzel Curry, J.K. The Reaper and Nell

Been a fan of Lunice since since the TNGHT jams, that EP went so nuts, and so does this. Production always so tight and creative, beat switches are crazy and help to kind of give each featured artist their own vibe within the track. - Bangs/10

Alabama Shakes – Over My Head

This whole album is incredible and choosing just one song from it was super hard. But hot DAMN what a closer. Hard not to catch feels from this.

Sabrina Claudio – Confidently Lost

Love this and her new album is amazing too. This song is smoooothhh af. Run a bath, light some candles, treat yourself to some YOU time. “I’m alone but I’m not lonely, Comfortably indulging.” // “I am confidently lost, I don’t need you to find me, You don’t define me”.

Mount Kimbie – We Go Home Together ft. James Blake

Textures are everything. Organ is life. Super eerie and beautiful.


Lucasade Lunatic - Cloak Bay

This my little cousin's new project and I’m so into this song in particular and it's his Mum's favourite. Knew he played guitar but never knew he sang too. Killing it Muroki! and you Lenny! Hope you guys end up playing at Soundsplash too so I can see ya’s live!

Natural Woman - Kaiit

Does spotify tell you how many times you’ve personally listened to a song? I’d be interested to know with this one. Its the only song she has out so far so it kinda ends up on repeat the entire time I’m making dinner most days but I really ain’t mad. I’m so obsessed with everything about this song especially the part when she’s talking about tennis and the stars and planets and Venus and Serena. Its genius.

Four Ethers - serpentwithfeet

This song really does something to me. The lyrics are fucked. The vocals are fucked. Its all so beautiful. Also the video. Somebody please bring them to Australia, I’m dying.

Condolence - Benjamin Clementine

I’m sending my condolence to fear and insecurities? Um yes please! This man is actually an angel. He even has real angels that visit him and sing to him and he has a song where he imitates them and it is unreal. But Condolence is the first one I heard and still probably my favourite. If I was a DJ I’d probably try make everyone just dance to this and they’d hate me but whatever, deal with it, its amazing.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town - Bruce Springsteen

If I ever was to be an actor (not talking about my career on Neighbours) and I needed to cry I’d props get them to play this for me. I dunno. I think I was having some major moment the first time i heard this and it just really takes me back. I think Promised Land played next at the time, it must have been a greatest hits and that one really gets me too.