In. Playlist Curated By Paces

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/11/2017

In our humble opinions, Aussie producer Paces has one of the best music tastes going and unsurprisingly he's put together a golden playlist of tunes, curating our latest In. playlist.

The Gold Coast beat maestro is about to head out on tour in support of his most recent single Creepin' so we grabbed him to make us a playlist of his 10 favourite songs rn and he delivered.

Like the rest of us, he's vibing Post Malone but he's also going for M.I.A. vibes with the inclusion of newbies like Kah-Lo and Jarina De Marco.

Check out the playlist and why he chose each song below. The tour dates are also there too.

Towkio - Hot Shit
My favourite track at the moment. So hooked on this! Towkio is amazing on this track and I’m not sure who produced it but it reminds me of Metronomy.

Jarina De Marco - STFU
When I first heard this track it made me so psyched about music that I couldn’t sleep. It’s so crazy, I love it! Similar energy to some of the early M.I.A. stuff.

Elk Road & LDRU - Intimate
This is a ridiculously solid banger. My current fave for DJ sets. Bonus points for sampling an old Cassie song.

Post Malone - Rockstar
I’m a huge Post Malone fan. I feel like each release is better than the last and this is definitely one of the best.

Starrah & Diplo - Imperfections
I’m so into this whole EP but this is my fave track from the recent Diplo x Starrah collabs. One of my favourite songwriters and one of my favourite producers. I love the fact that they got together to do this.

French Montana - Unforgettable (J Hus & Jae5 remix)
The original is huge but this is such a beautiful remix. Those marimbas are speaking my language too.

Kah-Lo - Fasta
One of the biggest tracks in the world right now and with good reason. I challenge you to not dance when this song is playing.

Vindata / Skrillex - Favor
I’m a Skrillex stan and I’ve really been enjoying how he’s been popping up on all these different collabs lately. He’s such a forward thinking producer. The sound-pallette in this track could go on to start it’s own genre. Also it’s a great pop song.

Mark Johns - Same Girl
Speaking of great pop songs, hoooooooly dooley! Welcome to one of the best! Everything about this track is perfect. Especially her lyrics and delivery OMG I love this.

Post Malone - Candy Paint
I’m not sure if this was written for the ‘Fate Of The Furious’ soundtrack or if it already existed and just ended up on there but either way it’s so tight. Ultimate singalong track for when you’re driving.