The Last Five Things I Loved Podcast: Cub Sport

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/03/2017

Today, we're launching a podcast. The Last Five Things I Loved is the name of it and it's basically a chance to delve into what makes artists and personalities' hearts beat. It's all in the name really.

For the first episode, we chatted with Brisbane band Cub Sport who have just released their second album BATS. It's been a really big, exciting year for the band. Band members Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield announced their engagement and have since become positive, honest and emotional role models during this same-sex marriage plebiscite. The podcast touches on that but also delves into new and old artists they love plus the instruments that laid the foundations for the record.

Delve in below and once you're done give BATS a listen because it's truly one of this year's best.

You can subscribe on iTunes here or listen below.