10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Frank Ocean, Jessie Ware, George Maple And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/01/2017

Very good songs from a very good week in which music was released.

10. Ricki-Lee - Not Too Late

Girl can sing, like really sing. One of the best voices in the country finally steps up and bares it all in this really honest, soaring ballad.

9. Ibeyi - Deathless (Feat. Kamasi Washington)

French-Cuban duo Ibeyi are sometimes too forward-thinking and innovative to connect with but a lot of the time they get it totally right mixing innovation with accessibility and that's exactly what's happening here. Deathless is taken from their forthcoming record Ash and it features the haunting sax work of Kamasi Washington. It's utterly hypnotising thanks to those ever-dreamy harmonies.

8. Alex Lahey - Lotto In Reverse

Alex Lahey has followed up the really excellent Every Day's The Weekend with the equally great Lotto In Reverse plucked off her debut album. The track doesn't move at as much of a ferocious pace as its predecessor but it's no less impactful, drawing us in with a thick, hazy chorus. It's full of melodic guitars and those trademark, honest vocals that we've come to expect from Lahey. She continuously proves herself to be on of this country's most relatable songwriters.

7. Genesis Owusu - Sideways

Genesis Owusu is another incredibly talented hip-hop artist from Canberra and he's making some of the most innovative music around. Sideways is a textured, masterful production that comes with this effortless, tribal groove. A deep, soulful vocal guides it along and ensures the groove stays consistent.

6. LCD Soundsystem - oh baby

The opening song to all LCD Soundsystem album have been a moment and this one plucked from American Dream is no different. It's a slow-moving, expanding cut that holds this real emotional weight courtesy of James Murphy's measured but passionate vocal. By the time the song truly flowers you feel like you've entered into LCD's world, ready to go on a journey for the rest of the record.

5. Wafia - Bodies

Wafia has an incredible talent for making pop music with genuine, serious messages that pack a real emotional punch (take note Katy Perry). This latest one is her most pop-centred record yet but it's also her most powerful lyrically. It details the Syrian refugee crisis with vivid lyrics like, "We're just bodies in the night." She's an incredibly talented lyricist with a gorgeous voice to boot and this is her most ambitious and successful cut to date.

4. Frank Ocean - Provider

Frank Ocean returned to BlondedRadio this week to celebrate the one year anniversary of Blonde and he brought with him new song Provider. It's one of the most laid-back, downbeat things he's done but he plays with auto-tune and detouring instrumentals to ensure it captivates and it does that easily.

3. DJDS - Why Don't You Come On (Feat. Khalid And Empress Of)

LA duo DJDS go from strength to strength and today they've dropped their most accessible cut to date Why Don't You Come On. Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL have recruited Khalid and Empress Of for the track, two artists that are both doing some of the best work around right now. The song is an optimistic, reassuring showcasing Empress Of and Khalid's soulful vocals in the best light. As always DJDS bring interesting, forward-thinking production to the table without ostracising.

2. George Maple - Hero

George Maple is great at stepping into this powerful persona but she's letting all her guards down on her latest single Hero. Hero is a pulsating, '80s-tinged anthem that deals with lost love is the most honest of ways. She soars in the chorus and smoulders in the verses with that soulful, elongated voice. "I wasn't ok when I wrote this, but writing it helped a lot," she wrote in a heartfelt note about the song posted on social media.

1. Jessie Ware - Selfish Love

Jessie Ware has followed up Midnight quickly with second single Selfish Love. The song takes a soulful European vibe that recalls Sade classics like Smooth Operator. It also places Ware's unbelievable vocals front and centre as she explores its most fragile parts. It was produced by Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat revealing a very different side to both of those producers.