10 Direct Comparisons That Prove Taylor Swift's New Video Is A Direct Rip-Off Of Kanye West

We're fans of both Kanye West and Taylor Swift which is why it breaks our heart to see them fight each other. We've never picked a side in this whole beef but we're about to because, frankly, plagarism is a deal breaker for us. Swift debuted her video for Look What You Made Me Do yesterday and the similarities to things Kanye has done both in videos and everyday life is just too close. This is the think piece to end all think pieces. 

Taylor, look what you made us do. 

Plane TPlane K

The Plane

Of course, planes are everywhere but it's not everyday that you stand directly in front of one. Most are not allowed that kind of access but when Taylor saw Kanye doing it, she obviously found a plane of her own to stand in front of. Wow.

Phone TPhone K

The Phone

Kanye loves speaking on the phone. In fact, there are many photos out there of him speaking on the phone with a giant smile planted on his face. And so, Tay took the symbol of the phone and planted it into her own video with zero credit.

Motorbike KMotorbike K Actual

The Motorbike

Kanye on the motorbike in the Bound 2 video is one of his most iconic Kanye moments. Looking for an iconic moment herself Swift took the bike idea and added four more of them just to make sure she was one-upping him. 

Teddy Head TTeddy Head K

The Animal Head

From College Dropout to Graduation, the animal, more specifically bear, head was Kanye's logo. He's since ditched that and Swift must have thought people had forgotten about it because she resurrected the animal hat here. And used cats too. As if you couldn't be more offensive, at least use a dog.

Bath TBath K

The Bath

Bet she thought we wouldn't pick this one up but we've got a keen eye for plagarism. Kanye took an iconic bath with doghnuts and Swift thought she'd make it more expensive by adding jewels. Unfortunately for her it comes off as a poor man's version of the Kanye shot.

Car TCar K

The Crashed Car

Kanye isn't the first person to crash a car in a music video but we have a feeling that Swift was eyeing off this particular shot from his Runaway film when she decided to crash a car in her video. Instead of replicating the success it became a metaphor for the video itself. Can anyone spell D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R?

Tea TTea K

The Tea

Taylor thought she'd be serving us the tea but here's the tea. Kanye enjoyed a cuppa before Taylor did and we've got the photographic proof. And he had a canelé. Delightful. 

Human Pyramid THuman Pyramid K

The Human Pyramid

You can build pyramids bigger than Giza but you'll never be the first to do it. Just sayin'. 

Grandeur TGrandeur K

The Grandeur

The columns, the gold, the steps - we knew we'd seen it all before and it doesn't surprise us to learn that it was Kanye who did it first. It makes you think, did Swift REALLY think we wouldn't notice?