PNAU Unleash Three New Singles From Forthcoming Album 'Changa'

Written By Zanda Wilson on 08/25/2017

The long-awaited follow up to PNAU’s 2016 behemoth single ‘Chameleon’ is finally here, with Nick Littlemore and co. today unveiling three brand new tracks.

The triumphant return of PNAU over the past year or so has been a well-calculated exercise, and after a year of raucous touring off the back of their biggest commercial success to date, there’s finally a string of tracks that does more than enough to please both old school PNAU fans and relative newcomers alike.

In the first track ‘Into The Sky,’ we’re gifted a really fun track based around a poppy melody and a fantastic repeated vocal line. It’s a cut that is situated in a perfect space to introduce the uninitiated into world of PNAU that goes so, so much deeper than ‘Chameleon’.

The second effort is a gorgeous house track titled ‘Young Melody’ with one of Australia’s hottest young stars Vera Blue sitting front and centre, and providing smooth and sultry vocals over infectious electronic vibes in a way that only she can.

Finally, the moment that fans of PNAU back catalogue tracks like 2007’s ‘No More Violence’ can sink their teeth into. ‘Control Your Body’ is PNAU at its glitchy, quirky best – providing a hard hitting bassline with enough melodic development that you can get really engrossed in the deep layers of the track.

All these tracks have been plucked from their forthcoming album Changa.