10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Taylor Swift, Lil Uzi Vert, PNAU And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/25/2017

This week was about more than just Tay Tay.

10. PNAU - In The Sky

The long-awaited follow up to PNAU’s 2016 behemoth single ‘Chameleon’ is finally here, with Nick Littlemore and co. today unveiling three brand new tracks. In The Sky is the highlight of the three. It's a really fun track based around a poppy melody and a fantastic repeated vocal line. It’s a cut that is situated in a perfect space to introduce the uninitiated into world of PNAU that goes so, so much deeper than Chameleon. -

9. Jorja Smith x Preditah - On My Mind

Jorja Smith is back and she's teamed up with British producer Preditah for her most club-centred moment yet. On My Mind is a soulful garage track that's driven by Smith's exceptional vocal. She adds such a richness to Preditah's industrial beat and the pair work so well together.

8. Kllo - Downfall

Aussie duo Kllo are back with the second cut off their forthcoming debut album Backwater. Downfall follows on from Virtue and while it's far less immediate than its predecessor is has a certain mystery that weaves around you on repeat listens. It sees them explore the melodic capabilities of their moodiest instrumental yet and create something that may be the most hypnotising thing they've ever done.

7. Golden Vessel - Less~More (Feat. OKBADLANDS)

Golden Vessel is very easily one of the best producers this country has to offer right now and he's proved it again with his latest cut Less~More. The track, taken from his forthcoming EP Right/Side, sees him recruit the finessed vocals of OKBADLANDS, taking it into a space currently occupied by the likes of Noname and Jamila Woods.

6. SIBA - Clean Break

SIBA, an artist we tipped to be big this year, is delivering on our predictions with another A+ single Clean Break. Clean Break is the cleanest pop song he's made yet featuring crisp vocals and bubbly beats that culminate in one hell of a chorus. It's the Danish artist's first new music since his 2016 EP My Life With Jessie, My Friends & The Rest Of The World. That one drew plenty of hype but we reckon this one is going to be even more far-reaching.

5. Turquoise Prince - Like Your Friends

Canberra rapper Turquoise Prince is today making his official entrance on the scene with a song that's going to set exactly the right mode tonight. The groovy rap/R&B track is a fresh take on local hip-hop, adding international flavours with hints of Kaytranada's production. Horrorshow's Adit produced it and has done an effortless job, creating something that houses TP's boundaryless charisma.

4. Miguel - Sky Walker (Feat. Travis Scott)

Miguel is back with what could very likely be the first taste of his forthcoming fourth album. He's teamed up with Travis Scott for Sky Walker which seems him move back towards the hip-hop/R&B world that he abandoned momentarily for the psychedelic Wildheart. Scott and Miguel are an obvious and perfect pairing with the two demonstrating their natural feel for melody.

3. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

What else can be said about the new Taylor Swift single that's not already said in the few hours since it's release? As we all predicted, it introduces us to a much darker Tay Tay intent on getting revenge. It seems to be a Kanye West diss track but sonically it's a wild mix between Lorde and Peaches with Jack Antonoff's production all over it. A pop music moment that's entertaining whether you're digging it or not. And for all those making their criticism very public - you're not groundbreaking.

2. Lil Uzi Vert - The Way Life Goes

There are so many great moments on Lil Uzi Vert's new record Luv Is Rage 2 but The Way Life Goes is the most immediate because it's the most melodic, R&B-tinged moment, allowing us a chance to hear Uzi settle into the beat and give us something tender.

1. Astrid S - Think Before I Talk

Astrid S gets better with every drop and Think Before I Talk is her most straight forward and greatest pop music yet. It's a gentle, partly acoustic track that showcases that pure voice leading some pretty addictive melodies. If you're liking what Julia Michaels is doing at the moment you're going to love this.

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