First Impressions: P!NK, Alice Glass, Cut Copy And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/16/2017

First Impressions are our weekly roundtable reviews sifting through all the fresh new music. Our writers take a listen, slap a score on it and then justify said score. This week Cut Copy, Stefflon Don, Alice Glass, Jessie J, P!NK and Touch Sensitive face the jury.

Cut Copy - Standing In The Middle Of The Field

Sam Murphy: This has definitely grabbed my attention more than the first single and I'm sure it will go on to become one of the most memorable live moments from the new album. It still flaws me that after a decade Cut Copy continue to release music that sounds fresh in the electronic sphere while other acts that came up at the same time as them crumble. They're in a rare position where they are legends because of their back catalogue and innovators because of their current music. I love this. 4

Nic Kelly: This sounds like the kind of perfect song to hear as the sun is setting at a festival in the middle of summer, like a Field Day, for instance. You don’t have to get too involved to enjoy it but there’s also some nice intricacies to it which you can focus on - and those two things combined are always a sign of good pop music. It’s a little bit repetitive and lengthy though. That Spanish guitar at the very end over the top is such a nice way to finish. Ups and downs here. 3.5

Stefflon Don - Hurtin’ Me

Sam: This is a big, major label moment in every way coming complete with a totally unnecessary feature. It's not bad news though because Stefflon Don slots into the shoes of superstar effortlessly. She takes hold of this and makes what would be lacklustre at the hands of any lesser artist extraordinary. While, stylistically very different, she's giving me Nicki Minaj vibes because of how versatile she is. She can fire out a straight hip-hop slapper and also play in the pop world. Big things are coming and if this song doesn't do it for her then the next will. 4 Sam's Pick

Nic: When I was in the UK earlier in the year doing meetings and boring shit like that, this was a name that came up in almost all of them - she is the literal hottest new property in UK music right now and following her Jax Jones feature with this as her debut is pretty strong - it shows she’s going to be a consistent dancehall-influenced rap queen. The annoying thing is the sorta-needed sorta-not-needed feature from French Montana - it’s frustrating that to break this artist properly and give her the platform she needs, she’s gotta get a bloke on it, but French will do. 3.9

Alice Glass - Without Love

Sam: I never got Crystal Castles and I've always felt as if they're one of those bands that everyone says they like but, do they really? This solo offering from Alice Glass is way more up my alley. It's fragile and delicate yet it has this real melodic potency like Grimes' earlier work. The video is stunning as well. Crystal Castles are nothing without Glass, she was always the most captivating thing about their live show and she's better off on her own. 4

Nic: This sounds - and looks - like Grimes and Purity Ring had a song baby together. It’s sharp and shimmery and a bit weird, but it all feels like its just ~because~ and I’m bored now. 2

Jessie J - Real Deal

Sam: Jessie J - source of endless entertainment and not because the music is good. I honestly can't count the amount of times she's released a song with the backing of a brand and this latest one sees her team up with M&Ms and it's like, why? Her last lead single Bang Bang was a worldwide number one and yet she still seems to think she's a singing billboard. It doesn't help that this is more middle-of-the-road than the actual line in the middle of the road. Totally insufferable because it's so beige and just another really odd decision. 1

Nic: When you announce your single with the following: “Yooooo! My collaboration with M&M'S U.S.A. And Incredibox on #BiteSizeBeats means I finally get to play you guys NEW MUSIC I've been writing! A hidden snippet of my new song REAL DEAL is in a special edition bonus inside the game. (I LOVE this song) You have to play to unlock it! Make your beat at and share it with me! #Ad“ it’s an abomination without even hearing it. And then hearing it? Oh god. Very deserving of its 9th billing on the New Music Friday playlist. 1

P!NK - What About Us

Sam: I can't help it and you can call me a middle-aged, suburban parent but I really have a soft spot for P!NK. Maybe it's the acrobatics, maybe it's the I'd like 'I'd like the speak to the manager' haircut, maybe it's the believable underdog vibe. I don't know. This is just a great pop song that manages to package everything P!NK's about. It's mildly political, a misfit anthem and really very catchy. And don't you pretend you're not going to be ooh-ing and aah-ing when she's performing this suspended in the air, hitting the high night while spinning ferociously. 3

Nic: This sounds like a leftover Avicii song from 2013 and certainly not like a Steve Mac masterpiece but in saying that - it’s lyrically perfect and sad-sounding for the faux tortured soul thing that keeps P!NK the most relevant artist to 34-year-old women living roughly an hour and a half out of the cities with three kids (two have soccer training tonight) and a 2001 Tarago she got secondhand and didn’t try haggling a better deal on. Great song, just not exciting - and I wanted a Bad Influence level moment for her first proper single in five years. 3

Touch Sensitive - No Other High

Sam: It's a good song. It is. But I've just grown a bit tired of the electro-disco vibe and so it's a no from me. 3

Nic: GOD this is good. I’ve never really found Touch Sensitive a particularly interesting artist, but this has completely won me over - it’s a complete disco thumper and those vocals are divine. I’d never heard of Electric Fields before but they seem incredible. I’m now going to bother listening to the Touch Sensitive album whenever it comes out. 4.5 Nic's Pick

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