12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Kesha, Cut Copy, P!NK And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/11/2017

From P!NK to Kesha like it’s 2012 again.

12. P!NK – What About Us

Alright, you all pretend not be P!NK stans but you know when she comes out for 85 tour dates, you’ll be applauding the trapeze work like you’re a mother from the suburbs. Sonically, What About Us isn’t groundbreaking but it’s your classic underdog P!NK tracks and she just wears that vibe so well. Also, this could really be the 2017 dance remix of Dear Mr. President.

11. Sunni Colon – Little Things

Kaytranada is back again this week, producing another effortless masterpiece. This time, he’s teamed up with French artist Sunni Colón for a track that sounds like Tame Impala spent a week digging through Prince’s discography.

10. Tobacco Rat – Gangsta

Tobacco Rat has taken things to a new level with his latest track Gangsta. The enigmatic WA producer, known to his friends and family as Jake Steele, is getting ready to take 2017 with a new EP and Gangsta is lifted from it. The hard-hitting, ferocious track recruits WA rapper SOMA and together they deliver something that is relentlessly aggressive from start to finish.

9. Fifth Harmony – Angel

The Fifth Harmony juggernaut continues to chug along without Camila Cabello and their follow up to Down is much better. The mid-tempo jam features some of their most effortless work yet in the verses and a chorus that’s very mature for them. For the first time it feels like they may not need Camila.

8. Liv Dawson – Painkiller

Liv Dawson has a voice like milk and honey and the last few releases have seen her find this perfect electronic space to display it in. Painkiller is a song about rebuilding built on a garage-influenced beat that reminds us of Emile Sande’s Heaven. Beautiful work.

7. MUTO – Say Nothing (Feat. Emerson Lee)

Aussie producer MUTO is building hype with progressively great songs and appropriately this latest Say Nothing is his best yet. It’s a dark, mysterious song that winds its way through some really interesting vocal melodies. And hallelujah, it’s got a drop that pumps the song along rather than stopping it in its tracks which is something many local producers could learn from.

6. Carlie Hanson – Why Did You Lie?

Carlie Hanson is a 17 year-old US singer who is making her debut today with Why Did You Lie?. It reminds us a bit of Sigrid in the way that it’s a debut that sounds like she’s been doing it for a very long time. Her voice is sublime and the track takes so many twists and turns that you never know what’s coming next which is great.

5. Buddy – That Much

Buddy is coming off the back of a really great EP produced by Kaytranada Ocean And Montana and now he’s gearing up to release another EP produced entirely by Mike & Keys (FKA The Futuristiks). That Much is a West Coast-flavoured jam that once again proves how good Buddy is at crafting a groovy, instantly memorable hook.

4. Alice Glass – Without Love

Alice Glass is back with her second single since leaving Crystal Castles and it’s one of the most melodic cuts she’s ever put her vocals on. It’s a hypnotising track that reminds of some of Grimes’ earlier work. The video is brilliant too.

3. Cut Copy – Standing In The Middle Of The Field

Cut Copy have announced their fifth album Haiku From Zero and dropped the record’s opening track Standing In The Middle Of A Field.

The tropical-tinged track is classic Cut Copy with a beat that circles your head and synths that bring euphoria in short waves.

2. Stefflon Don – Hurtin’ Me

Stefflon Don is going to be a very big deal soon. She’s able to put her voice over rap tracks, club tracks and commercial tracks and this newie falls somewhere in between all of those. It’s a warm-sounding, tropical track that recruits French Montana to help her drive it home. She probably didn’t need the help.

1. Kesha – Bastards

Kesha’s new album Rainbow is fantastic but it doesn’t get much better than opener Bastards. Bastards is one of those songs that looks onwards and upwards while still sticking it in the face of all the bastards out there. It’s unbelievable that we’ve never had a chance to hear Kesha like this before. She’s one of a kind.