Review: Cut Copy Show Off The Legacy They've Created At Sydney Show

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/25/2017

It was immediately clear walking into the Metro Theatre and looking at the retro Cut Copy tees that the Aussie band had reached a new stage of their career. No longer are they the trendy Melbourne band that captured the underground and the main stage. They've proved themselves with four records and they're now in the enviable position where they can deliver career-spanning sets for true fans with very little pressure.

The crowd in Sydney represent exactly what was said above. They were the ones Bright Like Neon Love in the clubs and it made for a love-heavy, at times nostalgic set that the band seemed to lap up.

Opening with the always rousing Need You Now, they took us on a journey of swirling synths and pulsating beats, never really giving anybody a moment to stand still. Zonoscope got the most love first-up with Where I'm Going and Pharaohs & Pyramids getting early drops but after that they darted from record to record, piecing it together with that quintessential four-to-the-floor beat.

Their new track Airborne also got an early airing and seemed to align most closely with Neon Love cut Future.  They also tested out another new song which had a warm, tropical vibe to it and got the crowd moving much easier than the first single. Interestingly, the Free Your Mind material which felt the most detached from the rest of their catalogue upon release fitted into the set nicely. The '90s house keys of Meet Me In The House Of Love helped make it a euphoric highlight.

The nostalgia always felt at its peak when they were playing song from In Ghost Colours. Even though the record is 10 years old next year, it still sounds fresh, brimming with energy. Heart On Fire had the entire theatre dancing, hands flailing in the air, the same way they did at festivals almost a decade ago. Out There On The Ice only elevated that further, creating an impossibly loose vibe for a Wednesday. Trusty closer Lights & Music plastered smiles on everyone and sent the love ricocheting around the room.

The next album is probably going to be solid, all of their albums have been so far, but at this point great new material is a bonus. The band have successfully made their mark with a history of records that they'll still be playing live for decades to come. They seemed the most relaxed and content on stage than we've ever seen them and the celebratory tone of the night made it one of the most heart-warming sets they've played to date.