The Range Drops Transcendent New Set Of Songs 'New Lots' & 'With You'

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/22/2017

Brooklyn producer The Range is back with a set of new songs.

He's teamed up with fellow producer Jim-E Stack on the arresting With You while he's gone solo for the soulful New Lots.

The latter sounds like it would've slot nicely onto his phenomenal last record Potential while Stack pushes him into a slightly different world on the former.

Each have a certain weightlessness to it keeping them buoyant until the beat drops and grounds them immediately.

"With You came out of a few days in the studio together, drawing as much feeling from each other’s music as it does energy from early rave music we both love, but didn’t get the chance to experience first hand,” the two producers said about With You in a joint statement.