Jack River's 'Fool's Gold' Is One Of The Best Local Tracks Of The Year

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/22/2017

We were already big fans of Jack River, popping her into our Future Class of 2017, and now she's just impressed us even more with her new drop Fool's Gold.

It's the first new track from her since her Highway Songs No.2 EP and it has her stepping up to take on a meaty beat and a soaring, glittery chorus.

The next track that automatically comes on after on YouTube is Lorde's Green Light which is pertinent because Fool's Gold has many of Lorde's best qualities like poignant, detailed lyrics and an unapologetically big chorus.

Next week, River goes on tour with Alex Lahey, Ali Barter and more as part of the Electric Lady tour bringing incredible female musicians to the forefront of live music. Grab ya tix here.

You're probably going to hear the belter below there.