Newbies: TENDER, Grace Carter & More New Songs By New Artists To Spin Right Now

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/31/2017

Newbies is an interns series where we look at 7 new songs by new artists that we reckon we’re going to be championing for a long time to come. Tell your friends, before you friends tell you.

Vanessa Elisha - Dark & Lonely

Vanessa Elisha has had a pretty steady output of great R&B tunes and she's continuing it with new tune Dark & Lonely. The track was produced by LA producer XXYYXX and it's a sleek, late night jam that showcases her silky vocals.

Grace Carter - Silence

Silence is the debut single from 19 year-old Brit Grace Carter and what an incredible debut it is. She's unveiled it alongside a video that features her staring in the camera and that matches the bold nature of the emotional song. It's so emotionally raw, particularly for a young artist and proof that she has the depth to really go the distance. This song is taken from her forthcoming debut album.


PARISALEXA is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter from Seattle making confident R&B music with an electronic edge. LIKE MARIAH appropriately has a Mariah Carey-like attitude to it, pairing tough vocals with lofty sweet spots. It's in the same kind of lane as Kehlani and it's going to grab you within the first few seconds.

TENDER - Nadir

If triple j gets behind this song, it's going to be huge here in Oz. TENDER is a London duo who have been releasing some really warm alt-pop songs and this one Nadir is their best so far. They sound like what Alt-J would sound like if they dropped the oddities and focussed on melody. With nearly 100K views on YouTube already and nearly 500K monthly listeners on Spotify, they may become just as big too.

Girlhood - Together

Like TENDER, Girlhood are another British duo but they're two girls making gritty, experimental soul music. Together is a layered R&B jam that ponders whether to dance or go around being miserable. It's joyous with a flair for bringing something unpredictable to the table, a little like The Internet.

ANYA - Neverbeen

ANYA is signed to Sony in Denmark and she's making really organic pop songs, the type you would never see come from a major label in this country. Neverbeen is a bouncy, welcoming pop song that spreads euphoria with its perky synth-work. It's a really endearing track and it comes with an equally likeable video.

Hawkon - Scary

Hawkon is another Danish artist making wonky pop music with soulful vocals. Scary is his latest and possibly also his best drop to date. It's taken from an upcoming album called Vulnerability1000 and it's a subtle pop number that gradually unfolds into an infectious chorus. It may seem minimal at first but wait until the vocals layer towards the end. Then it all starts to make sense.