in. Playlist Curated By Spit Syndicate

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/12/2017

Aussie hip-hop duo Spit Syndicate are gearing up to release their new album One Good Shirt Had Us All Fly on Friday. The record is described by the boys as "the most personal and most collaborative" in their collection to date and the singles so far have proved that. It's soulful, groovy, melodic music that gives an unfiltered view of their experiences over the past few years while providing some of the most tasty hooks Oz hip-hop has heard.

The 13 track effort is a diverse listen that pulls from various hip-hop influences, both old and new. With that in mind, we asked the boys to put together a playlist of what their listening to so we could get a small snapshot into their modern musical influences. They picked a fire list that ranges from Frank Ocean to Noname and they've given us a few sentences on why they chose each below.

The record's out Friday, bump this until then.

Daniel Caeser - Get you

I had never heard of Daniel Caeser until recently. A friend had put me on to this song and it just had so much soul and groove for what was in my opinion a very simple song. Impeccable execution from front to back and has stayed on repeat for weeks.

Horrorshow - Cherry Blossom

This song for me not only showcases the breadth of Solo and Adit's skill set as musicians but it yet again proves why Horrorshow are heralded as some of the finest songwriters this country has to offer. Absolute finesse and class. This is one for all seasons.

Frank Ocean - Chanel

I just love the individuality that comes across in Ocean's writing. His style is very unorthodox and true to self, consistently.
I feel like there were some songs off Blonde that this could have replaced. Undoubtably Chanel would have seen a spike in sales after its release.

Sampha - Kora sings

Kora Sings has stayed on repeat since we had a long road trip through WA and his album 'Process' had just dropped. Arguably one of the most anticipated releases in recent years. Most of his songs are masterpieces to me, this song is especially well crafted and will forever remind me of a certain pocket of my travels.

Little Simz - Bad to the bone

Ever since Kendrick praised her mic skills in an interview I was curious who Little Simz was. Her album 'Stillness in wonderland' is one of the most impressive releases in recent years. The production is incredible throughout and she is flawless on every track. 'Bad to the bone' is a definite standout which oozes attitude.

Post Malone – Congratulations (feat. Quavo)

‘Stoney’ was an incredible debut from Post Malone and this song is a standout banger, but the show is stolen by Quavo IMHO. I recently DJ’ed for Joyride as he supported Postie and can confirm he’s a mad dawg.

Methyl Ethyl – Twilight Driving

Not exactly a new jam but this song is FIRE. That sax solo at the end is all time. Shouts to Joyride for putting me onto this song via his amazing cover of it.

Noname – Diddy Bop (feat. Cam O’bi and Raury)

First got put into Noname through the collaborations she’s made with Chance The Rapper. She’s incredible, her album ‘Telefone’ is super impressive. This track is a gd jam.

Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos – Slide

Feelgood Summery shit. Like I said, Quavo can do no wrong. And Frank is just Frank. Masterful.

Drake – Passionfruit.

Big vibe on this, standout from More Life.