Newbies: KWAYE, TYSM & More A+ Tunes By New Artists

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/05/2017

Newbies is a weekly interns series where we look at 7 new songs by new artists that we reckon we're going to be championing for a long time to come. Tell your friends, before you friends tell you.

Overcoats - Kai's Song

Maggie Rogers has been so successful this year showing how you can effortlessly meld the old and the new into something really fresh. NY duo Overcoats are doing the same sort of thing and Kai's Song is such a beautiful collision of folk harmonies and warm electronic beats.

TYSM - Wraith

TYSM is signed to Felix Snow's label EFFESS and is making that slippery, bubblegum pop that he's manufacturing perfectly at the moment. Wraith is only her second track but it's a total knockout. It's dark and yet it's elevated by these perky, minimal beats that pull it away from total darkness.

KWAYE - Cool Kids

KWAYE is a Zimbabwean-born, London-based artist who has just been signed to Mind Of A Genius, the label that houses ZHU, Gallant and THEY. Cool Kids is his funky, exuberant debut for the label and what a way to start. You only have to look at the video to know he's a natural superstar.

Goldn - Too Much

We would love to tell you more about Goldn but the truth is, we don't know anything. He's a mysterious artist who popped onto the scene with this song, his debut Too Much. It's a brooding, late night R&B song that's entirely driven by his malleable vocals.

Marlene - Next To Me

Swedish singer Marlene continues to keep her status rising with a glossy, '80s-tinged pop song. Next To Me does everything we love in a song. Sits the vocals right on top and builds something warm and melodic beneath.

Mulan - Done

Mulan are another mysterious band but they're making music so good that it does all the talking for them. Done is their second song and it's groove-heavy, R&B track that channels that same kind of energy as NAO.

Blaq Tuxedo - Over Due

Blaq Tuxedo have writing credits on songs by Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign but now they're working on their own profile. Over Due is a soulful, slow-moving cut that showcases their great voices as well as their natural feel for melody.