Future Class Of 2017: Joey Purp

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/14/2017

The Future Class Of 2017 is 15 acts that we believe are poised for greatness this year. Last year we tipped Sampa The Great, Kiiara, Dua Lipa and more to do big things and over the next week we’ll be rolling out individual features on each both here and on Cool Accidents. Today, we’re shining a light on Joey Purp.

There's never really been a better time to be a young rapper. We've got more future superstars coming through right now than ever before with Chance The Rapper taking home three Grammys yesterday, Migos topping the singles and album charts in the US and Young Thug becoming the most buzz-worthy name in the world. The free music revolution on the internet was kind to rappers, making it easier to distribute music and now with Chance leading the way, they're also deservedly cashing in on that music.

Joey Purp comes from Chance and Vic Mensa's Save Money and he looks set to be the next rapper from the crew to pop. Purp has been releasing mixtapes since 2012, but he hit the jackpot last year with iiidrops and it's biggest jam Girls @. Girls @ made headlines thanks to a Chance-feature but it was Purp's groove-infused bars that made people stick around and saw it make it onto radio even here in Oz.

Like Chance's mixtapes iiidrops was good enough to be packaged as an album. He's a confident rapper that can take on hearty instrumentals like Morning Sex and make it sound little. He's best when he's letting loose over brassy, beefy beats that breathe rhythm like Kanye's early records.

It's just a bonus that he's an incredible freestyler too.