Mariah Carey Gives James Packer The Middle Finger On 'I Don't'

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/03/2017

Mariah Carey knows a thing or two about a breakup anthem.

Case in point:
Shake It Off

There's probably plenty more but you get the point.

Now she's dropped another one I Don't which is a play on the popular wedding phrase "I do". She was due to say, "I do" to her ex James Packer last year but instead she penned a hit because that's what Mariah does. She turns broken hearts into number ones.

This probably won't be number one but it's a bit of fun.

It features YG and it comes with a cover art that features Mariah pulling a questionable face.

Also, can we just take a few moments to appreciate the below video? The way she holds her jacket down, the way she blows a kiss, the way she attempts to walk out of shot but the camera follows her. This woman is a once in a generation superstar.