11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Arcade Fire, Big Sean, Paces And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/20/2017

Turns out, there's more than just the inauguration going on right now.

11. Chloe Martini
Change Of Heart (Feat. Chiara Hunter)

Poland-based producer Chloe Martini has dropped her best track to date today, enlisting Australian vocalist Chiara Hunter for the wobbly, groovy Change Of Heart. There are shades of Kaytranada in here but ultimately it's an organic approach to the funky electronica aesthetic.

10. Kodie Shane
Na Na Naa

Kodie Shane is stepping out of Lil Yachty's shadow with some excellent releases and her latest mixtape Big Trouble Little Jupiter is aiding that. Na Na Naa is the highlight from the tape - a hypnotising, off-kilter slice of hip-hop about rejuvenation. "I'm feeling like I need to be inspired, re-wired again, find the spark to my fire again," she raps and given how on point the tape is, it sounds like she's succeeded in finding that inspo again.

9. WRLD & Savoi

A month ago he wrapped his mitts around San Holo’s future bass anthem Light, today WRLD has kickstarted his 2017 with his first single of the year called Hideaway.

Linking up with Brisbane vocalist Savoi for a second time (previously on Chase It) the pair have shared what is easily one of the biggest electronic anthems the new year has heard to date. Hideaway fuses both slow burning vocal work courtesy of Savoi with a twinkly sound arrangement. Tip-toeing through the 8-bit sound of the ’80s, both the synth and bassline tap into the euphoria associated with the sounds that make this period of time feel wholeheartedly nostalgic. - Harrison Kefford

8. NoMBe

LA artist NoMBe is planning to drip-feed his debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me a bit at a time over the next 10 months and he’s starting with the sizzling Wait. You couldn’t really find a more perfect song for the very, very hot Australian summer that we’re in right now. Wait is comforting, smooth and relaxing, driven by a effortlessly groovy guitar line.

7. Big Sean
Halfway Off The Balcony

Big Sean's forthcoming record I Decided. is shaping up to be his biggest yet. The previous two singles Moves and Bounce Back were massive bangers but the next one is a little more down-beat, placing emphasis on Sean's lyrical power. He's really one of the most underrated rappers in the game but this album is sure to change that for him. This is a dark, woozy cut and another great precursor.

Crying On The Bathroom Floor

MUNA's last single I Know A Place put them on the radar for everyone that was sleeping on them and now they've well and truly hit their stride with latest single Crying On The Bathroom Floor. The pulsating cut is incredibly dark but also destined for the dancefloor with a chorus that unexpectedly explodes more than a minute and a half into the song. They really know how to pen an anthem.

5. Yasutaka Nakata
Crazy Crazy (Feat. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Charli XCX)

Charli XCX has hooked up with J-Pop superstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Japanese producer Yasutaka Nakata’s Crazy Crazy. The unexpected collab sees the pair trade verses with Pamyu Pamyu singing in English which is a rare move for her. Nakata has given us a PC Music-driven sonic backdrop for the pair which is perfect as each of them embrace the kitsch and deliver melodic greatness.

4. Maggie Rogers
On & Off

Maggie Rogers, the US singer/songwriter who left Pharrell gobsmacked with her track Alaska last year, has returned with a twinkling new effort On And Off off a forthcoming new EP. Rogers capitalised on her viral success with another excellent single Dog Years and is now certifying it with this electronic-skewed cut. It’s one of her most pop-leaning singles yet but it’s also a really endearing effort that encapsulates her folky tones.

3. Arcade Fire
I Give You Power

Arcade Fire have finally returned to the scene with I Give You Power, enlisting Mavis Staples for the track. The booming, powerful song is a groovy and anthemic jam, holding the same spirit as some of the more danceable stuff on ReflektorReflektor, their last record, was released almost four years ago now and the band have been working on the follow-up.

2. Paces

Paces is back almost a year after the release of his debut album Vacation and he's taking things in a slightly different direction. He's dropped the tropical vibes momentarily for a banging electronic aesthetic that's sure to be heard across many festivals this year. Nyne's vocal brings a dark, R&B aesthetic to the song and once again proves herself as one to watch in 2017.

1. Middle Kids
Never Start

It's hard to remember the last time an Aussie act delivered three singles in a row that were as good as Middle Kids'. Their latest Never Start is their best yet - a racing, passionate anthem. They have such a knack for pairing the right melody with the right sonic backdrop and this song will impress those who don't usually go for indie-rock vibes. Absolutely stunning with a perfect video to boot. Boom.