Anna Of The North Kickstart 2017 Sharing A Dreamy New Single 'Oslo'

If 2016 wasn't the year you fell head over heels for Anna Of The North, then strap yourself in because 2017 just may change your perspective. Swaying across the Nordic landscape, this synth-pop duo made a tonne of noise via their 2016 releases Baby and Us, sending music blogs into a tailspin. Kick starting their 2017, the duo has shared their first taste of new music for the year with Oslo.

The nordic duo consists of Brady Daniell-Smith and of course Anna herself, Anna Lotterud and if this is your first time firming your knowledge of the duo than your in for an absolute treat. For fans new and old, Oslo isn't the first piece and only piece of material you can expect from the synth-pop duo this year, with news an album is indeed coming in 2017.

With information scarce, we can only assume that their debut will be as refined and gracious as its predecessor. Speaking about Oslo though, it is perhaps their most upbeat sounding track to date. The genre of Synth-pop is often one we are taught to tread carefully amongst, but Anna of the North have nailed it with Oslo. Anna's vocal work brings a CHVRCHES vibe (of course some of you will hate this), but CHVRCHES are entrenched in the upper-echelon of synth-pop acts so it's a worthy comparison. The sound design also sticks true to their previously material, with the synths resembling a breezy dream.

Anna of the North are one of a handful of still relatively unknown acts with a huge amount of talent just waiting to burst onto the scene. So kick start your 2017 the right way and thank us for handing you your first discovery of 2017 with Anna of the North later, because there is still time to jump on the early bandwagon.