The xx Share Another Taste Of New Album With 'Say Something Loving'

What an absolutely incredible start to 2017 we are having, with London Grammar parting with their first new track since 2013's If You Wait, Rooting For You. Things are about to get better, with The xx releasing a fresh cut from their forthcoming record which is due for release in two weeks in Say Something Loving.

Say Something Loving is the second taste of what we are told is going to be a more 'upbeat' album from the trio, with the outfit sharing On Hold late last year. Just like On Hold, Say Something Loving is a fine return to vocal form by both Romy and Oliver. From the summary piano and guitar work to that thumping bass, Say Something Loving well and truly instills that The xx season is upon us.

Their new forthcoming record I See You is due for release on January 13th and combining the excitement of On Hold and now Say Something Loving, we are in all sorts!