Looking Back On 2016 With The NLV Records Crew

NLV Records, the innovative Australian electronic label helmed by Nina Las Vegas, has been around for just over year but already they've given 2016 some of its wildest moments. Air Max '97, Strict Face, SwickLewis Cancut and Nina herself have all churned out releases that reach for something fresh for the clubs. There wasn't one thing released that sounded like something else going around this year and that's probably the reason they've garnered so much attention.

From Nina's racing, boundary-pushing EZY to Swick's euphoric, sky-reaching Energy, they've individually given us some of our favourite moments of 2016, so we thought it's only right that we ask them about some of their favourite moments of the year.

You can check out that below but if you want to see them IRL, you better get along to one of the NLV Records parties happening in Melbourne on Friday and Sydney on Saturday. SOPHIE will be playing at the Melb leg, if you needed any more reason to go. Deets and tix here.

Air Max ‘97

Most innovative release of 2016 and why?

Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City.

Elysia's music is smart, irreverent and bursting with life. This record is an 'epic poem' written with and in homage to several of her talented producer friends.

Most game-changing party you went to and why?

I DJ'd after Kelela at Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney and it was a huge moment for me. Not only did her performance bring me to tears, but she also reappeared onstage for an impromptu second set when I played my remix of her track Rewind. I died. The Angelwave party I played in Russia was also pretty fun.

The most interesting person you’ve encountered in 2016.

Meeting Kelela IRL was very special.

Strict Face

Most innovative release of 2016 and why?

Rihanna's "Anti" is one that I keep coming back to. I've always had a lot of time for her as an artist, but I think she really came into her own with this album. Every track on it is like a piece of art, in a way - there's no façade of slick, manufactured emotions to hide under, which makes it all that much more endearing. Also helps that the album bangs hard back to front - you don't get that often nowadays, as a fan of proper listening.

Most game-changing party you went to and why?

Does it count if I say a show I played at was a life-changer? If so, the Local Action takeover I played at the now sadly-defunct Dance Tunnel in London back in April would be it. I think it was a total shock just seeing people actually react positively to the music I've been pushing after having constant hit-and-miss experiences with it in Adelaide. I think it also forced me to approach DJing from a different perspective, so it's definitely steered me in a new direction.

The most interesting person you've encountered in 2016

There was one person I know in London who proved to be quite a character over the span of six hours, but for their sake and mine, I'm not disclosing that story.

Lewis Cancut

Most innovative release of 2016 and why?

MACHINEDRUM - Human Energy.

The mix of pop and underground sounds on his record is perfect. I think his album shows a new way forward for dance music in general.

Most game-changing party you went to and why?

TREKKIE TRAXX club night in Shibuya.

It was so intense, in the middle of the afternoon in a club that was almost completely blacked out. I think I was the only person over 20 there.

The most interesting person you’ve encountered in 2016.

Mina, she's from Melbourne and makes music under the alias 'The Person'. Her Kiosk EP is wild!  


Most innovative release of 2016 and why?
Skepta - Konnichiwa
Well it was my favourite album of the year & my most listened too. It's also amazing & refreshing to see an album released independently go gold in the UK & do so well worldwide. I love that Skepta just did his own thing, has his own style & produced most of the album himself. It's also great that now he is helping out his scene and trying to make everyone be the best they can.

Most game-changing party you went to and why?

Prince - Piano & Microphone Tour 

I didn't know this would be the last time I'd ever see him play. I'm so glad I went, I was a bit hesitant as tickets were $400 each but it was so worth it. I went with my dad & he is a really big Prince fan. It was just the coolest night ever, he is so talented. It was in Melbourne at the Arts Centre, it was also the night one of his friends had passed away so it seemed extra special. It was crazy to see him just play his songs with a piano and of course he was wearing really cool clothes. I'll never forget that night! 

The most interesting person you’ve encountered in 2016.

Kendall Jenner 

Actually didn't meet her lol but I saw her backstage at Coachella. We made eye contact and my heart melted. 

Nina Las Vegas

Most innovative release of 2016 and why?

The Life Of Pablo - Kanye West

Intricate, multi layered vocals, Taylor Swift diss, Cashmere Cat & Sinjin Hawke beat etc. The album also made me notice Chance The Rapper. He really is ahead of the game, regardless of his current backwards political opinions, and this album proved it yet again.

Most game-changing party you went to and why?

I played in Tokyo early November with Trekkie Trax and Tigarah and it was pretty wild to be in a full room of Japanese people who knew me and my label. I looked up during my set and had a real moment. Was super cool.

The most interesting person you’ve encountered in 2016?

Two people - Nick Kyrgios sat in front of me on a flight home and it was just after he dropped out of the US open. He cops heaps of flack, but I love him - so I told him. I also supported MC Riz's band Swet Shop Boys the night of the US election. There was something pretty amazing about being around an incredible artist and actor, who was performing passionate (and often religious focused) songs. And it felt incredible.