Someone Has Leaked A 'Rumoured' Daft Punk Track That Features Nile Rodgers & Lemar

Dust off the old Daft Punk apparent leak journal, and slide in another tasty account because we have yet another rumoured track leak from the robots. It feels like at least once a month something like this emerges, but with all the Daft Punk related news of late it feels like something perhaps is silently brewing in Daft Punk.

A rumoured Daft Punk collaboration with Nile Rodgers and Lemar titled Feel Good, has been leaked. There are a bunch of artists we have been played by before, and Daft Punk are well an truly perched atop the list, so until something is officially confirmed (highly unlikely) we can only speculate. But, going on what we can hear, Feel Good certainly boasts that disco, funky feel coated with some mighty fine R&B vibes by Lemar with Nile Rodgers signing it off with his signature funky guitar work.

Daft Punk's recent studio time working with The Weeknd on Starboy and the fact that it's been three years since Random Access Memoriessuggests something is happening inside camp Daft Punk. Are we being played again? You be the judge.

Interesting little juicy side-note we thought may hold some relevance, at EMC late last month the man behind Daft Punk's 2007 Alive stage setup potentially let slip that he is meeting with them soon to work on a new production during his talk -

Credit: Hayden Davies of Pilerats