89 Thoughts On Taylor Swift & ZAYN's 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever'

It’s been 2 years since 1989 dropped and Taylor Swift’s long quiet spell (jokes, it was anything but) from music yesterday came to a totally WTAF end when a Fifty Shades Darker collaboration with former One-D member ZAYN titled I Don’t Wanna Live Forever was released. Seeing as though we had so much fun last time putting one of these together (100 Notes On Charli XCX’s After The After Party), we thought we would repeat the #content, only this time sending in our resident Taylor Swift advisor to give you 89 thoughts (‘cos 1989) on the collaboration that not a single one of us saw coming.

Ok, get ready because this a lot harder than it sounds:

  1. Firstly, “DA FUQ”
  2. We/I/no one saw this one coming
  3. Getting in early with the ??
  4. I haven’t even clicked play, but my brain is already playing out all the little stories and the drama
  5. Taylor collaborating with Zayn….
  6. Previously from One Direction……
  7. *insert more ????*
  8. Taylor dating that certain somebody
  9. You know, Mr Harry ‘parts of 1989 are totally about me, but nah not really because T.Swift says it’s not. When really, the lyrics / music videos pretty clearly describe and depict otherwise’ Styles.
  10. Can you taste the salt yet
  11. Oh yes, such a juicy tale this one. It’s a definite ‘Watch this space’. *insert more ????*
  12. Oh yeah, I should probably get onto the song
  13. The track was produced for the sequel to Fifty Shades Of Grey, called Fifty Shades Darker
  14. That subtle husk to Zayn’s voice - ahhhh yes great opening!
  15. You can already picture the scene this track mirrors. Minus the BDSM, it’s probably going to be some hella steamy sex though.
  16. This is the first bit of new Tay Tay we have heard in 2 years, since 1989.
  17. For real though, how did we not see this coming. Between the hangs with Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson and her good friend being Gigi Hadid.
  1. Ok, but for real when are we going to get our hands on TS6?
  2. 1 minute and 24 seconds in marks the point at which Taylor starts singing
  3. 2 years without new music from one of the biggest musicians on the planet is way too long
  4. We don’t mind these R&B’y vibes T.Swift is delivering
  5. Also, we are picking some minor Gallant Weight In Gold vibes here
  6. This track gives a lot of merit to the rumours Taylor was (still could be) working on an R&B record, potentially featuring Drake
  7. This picture both artists posted to Instagram captioned #idontwannaliveforever
  8. Between Taylor posing like a cat and Zayn holding Olivia, yeah, it’s a little too much to handle.
  1. Although a very fitting Zayn release, through genre and sound, it’s a little left-field for Taylor but perhaps this is yet another showing of her spreading those musical wings.
  2. Jack Antonoff, three time Grammy Award Winner and and co-producer of three tracks on 1989, helped to produce the track with Taylor at his house.
  1. Even though the film isn’t out 'til next year, this is easily one of the biggest tracks from a film soundtrack that 2016 has produced.
  2. Sure, being friends with Gigi Hadid must be cool but her dating Zayn is apparently loads cooler. cc: this collab.
  3. When Zayn sings “I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home”, he does sound like Gallant on those high notes.
  4. Will we see the movie? Probably not.
  5. 1989 is still an absolute jam.
  6. So is Zayn’s solo debut Mind Of Mine.
  7. When Zayn says “baby baby, i feel crazy”……?
  8. Regardless of your opinion, Taylor Swift is without a doubt one of the biggest recording artists of our generation.
  9. This is loads harder than I thought, i’m an hour in and I still have 43 to go.
  10. Although it is a Zayn track that features Taylor Swift, we chose the number 89 because 1989, duh!
  12. This is a lot harder than it reads
  13. When Taylor goes high on “now I’m in a cab, I tell ‘em where your place is”……… OOOOO YESSSSS GET IT ??
  14. Zayn belting the word “HOOOOOOME” during the chorus is as much signature as it is iconic Zayn.
  15. Zayn minus the One Direction baggage is a much better Zayn. (all jokes aside, he actually looks loads happier).
  16. You can actually hear Taylor Swift on this 2016 feature, unlike her apparent minor vocal contribution to This Is What You Came For.
  17. I don’t know how Sam managed to write 100 Notes On Charli XCX’s hit After The Afterparty because this is heaps difficult. Don’t expect this is to be a regular occurrence.
  18. BuzzFeed was mentioned the last time we did this, so it feels fitting to mention again that even they wouldn’t produce a list this long.
  19. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever is a great 2016 collaboration but in terms of where it ranks for Taylor Swift features, it’s mid-range.
  20. Her collab with former flame John Mayer Half of My Heart is still heavenly.
  21. And her collaboration with Tim McGraw Highway Don’t Care sits pretty high up on the list. (screw you country naysayers)

  1. Oh country Taylor, we miss you.
  2. As I sit here right now, I Don't Wanna Live Forever has soared to debut at #1.
  3. See ya later, Starboy!
  4. It’s also set to achieve the highest 1st week sales by a single for the year.
  5. That’s no surprise really, it features two of the biggest names in music.
  6. I’m still shook, this collaboration completely blindsided everyone!
  7. This will be Zayn’s second No.1 this year.
  8. I wonder what Harry Styles is thinking right now.
  9. I wonder what other sneaky awesome music shit Taylor Swift got up to during her two years on the DL.
  10. Really, although this is exciting for fans of Zayn, the real story here is new material from Taylor Swift.
  11. Has this collaboration saved 2016?
  12. The year in music has been pretty incredible, so no saving was probably needed.
  13. It’s taken me 2 hours to get to this point, only 28 more.
  14. Will TS6 drop in 2017?
  15. I still haven’t seen Fifty Shades of Grey, so I should probably watch it before the sequel comes out
  16. Although they were probably recorded separately, both Zayn and Taylor harmonise so, so well together.
  17. I got one thing stuck on my mind. Wondering if i dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life”, is such a great line.
  18. Would you not want to live forever, though?
  19. Actually, living forever would kinda suck, hey? 
  20. The vocals in the background are A+
  21. The ???? emojis are back.
  22. The longer we listen to this, the more comfortable we have become with it sitting at No.1.
  23. Who do you reckon is kinkier, Zayn or Taylor?
  24. Gut says Taylor, but head says Zayn.
  25. It’s always the quiet ones so, yeah, probably Zayn.
  26. WOW, silly of us, how could we forget about The Weeknd’s contribution to the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, Earned It?
  27. Hmmm, whose Fifty Shades theme is better...The Weeknd's or Zayn & Taylor Swift's?

  1. Twitter has dubbed this collaboration - Zaylor.
  2. What would New Music Fridays be like without a surprise drop like this?!!
  3. Can we talk about the end of the song for a moment!? 
  4. When they both sing “until you come back home”.
  5. It’s like velvet through your ears ?
  6. Honestly, I don’t know how I got to 80.
  7. I wonder what the Directioners think of this collab?
  8. Never mind, i just checked twitter and the hashtag #idontwannaliveforever is literally filled with pictures of Harry and Niall looking shook.
  9. I definitely approve of this collaboration
  10. Maybe this film just won’t be all about BDSM now.
  11. We are approaching the end.
  12. How's that, grabbing a No.1 a few weeks out from 2017? 
  13. Again, it’s expected though. It’s Taylor Swift and Zayn.
  14. Congrats on a great year and the success of Mind Of Mine Zayn, and Taylor, WELCOME BACK!