8 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Lil Yachty, Bonobo, Manu Crook$

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/09/2016

The artists that haven't clocked off for the year.

Kodie Shane
Sad (Feat. Lil Yachty)

Kodie Shane is an 18 year-old rapper and the only female member of Lil Yachty's Sailing Team. Judging by the strength of this song, she's also going to be the next one, after Lil Yachty, to shoot to stardom. Sad features Yachty but it's all about Shane's earnest delivery over the neon-drenched, synth-driven beat. "I just wanna be sad," she raps in the hook and while it may seem simple, it carries a powerful sentiment.

Jessie's Eternity Song

SIBA has endlessly impressed us this year first with his Fruits EP and then with the songs he’s dropped off his forthcoming EP My Life with Jessie, My Friends and the Rest of the World. He’s dropped another great cut from the EP Jessie’s Eternity Song. Unlike the others, which were full-bodied anthems, this one’s a little more subtle and gentle. The only downside is that it’s only 1 min 26 secs long but it’s a really sweet 1 min and 26 secs so we guess that’s ok.

Lil Yachty & A$AP Ferg

Whether you like him or he’s pissed you off, it’s hard to deny that it’s been a huge year for Lil Yachty. The rapper went from being virtually unknown to a well-known name in a matter of six months and now he’s dropped one of his strongest statement to date TerminatorTerminator sees him collide with A$AP Ferg for a pretty hard-hitting, dark cut by Yachty’s standards. It’s a hook-y track with plenty to latch onto and will probably sit with people better than some of his more off-kilter stuff.

Savage (Feat. Flux Pavilion & Max)

We said it in October when he dropped his collaboration with Skrillex and Kiiara Friendships, and we will say it again – Whethan is kicking some seriously serious goals at the moment, and it looks like he ain’t stopping either because his new track Savage which features production from Flux Pavillon is some of the finest electronic music you will come across this year. - Harrison Kefford

Marian Hill
Back To Me (Feat. Lauren Jauregui)

Marian Hill are a Philadelphia duo who caught our attention with their 2016 record ACT ONE. They're already back and prepping for ACT TWO recruiting Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui on Back To Me. It's an attitude-driven, minimal R&B cut that centres around the vocal delivery. Jauregui slots right in and it's nice to hear her own personal flavour outside of the group.

Break Apart (Feat. Rhye)

Bonobo is returning with a new album Migration is out on 13th January and he's given us another tasty cut for our consumption. Break Apart features the gentle vocals of Rhye and unlike Kerala it's not really aimed at the dancefloor. It's a subtle, heartbreaking track that slowly reveals itself, wrapping around Rhye's beautiful vocal.

Demo Taped
Stay (Feat. Amber Mark)

19 year-old Atlanta artist Demo Taped is slowly gathering together a very impressive catalogue but his latest Stay is quite possibly his best. It's a sincere and soulful track that sounds like it would've slotted in very nicely to DVSN's debut album.

Manu Crook$

Australian rapper Manu Crook$ is aiming for further afield than this country picking up some pretty big international acclaim. This latest track debuted on Beats 1 and you can see why. It's an icy, hard-hitting hip-hop tune that sounds like it could compete on a world stage.