That RL Grime x What So Not x Skrillex Collab Has Landed And It's Huge


You can't hear it yet, but when you do that's collective sound of every patron going absolutely wild come this one being dropped during festival season. Summertime is near, and our festiveal season is fast approaching so it wouldn't be too early to tap one of the songs of summer would it? No, of course not because what's down below is indeed the "one song to rule them all".

If you missed RL Grime's annual Halloween mixtape, Halloween V, last week (which we HIGHLY recommend you suss) then you would have heard that sneaky collab between RL Grime, What So Not and Skrillex at its completion. News broke earlier this week that it was indeed dropping this week and alas, it's finally here in it's full glory.

? It's called Waiting and we don't see it fit to keep you waiting any further because it's freakin RL Grime x What So Not x Skrillex, Dance music collabs don't get any bigger than this! ?