Charli XCX Has Delivered The Party Anthem 2016 Deserves, ‘After The Afterparty’

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/28/2016
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

2016 has been a big year for duets and loved-up anthems so thank goodness someone’s got a bit of champagne into their system and written a supermassive hit.

That champagne-swilling legend is Charli XCX. Today she’s dropped After The Afterparty, a song that’s basically about getting on the drinks and refusing to end the night.

It’s a forward-thinking, richly melodic pop track that seems like a more accessible extension to her SOPHIE-produced EP Vroom Vroom.

There’s a verse from rapper Lil Yachty plonked on the end which would normally seem unnecessary but it really, really works in the context of this song.

The chorus of this song is going to be swelling in your head for days and hopefully it’s the soundtrack for many, many messy nights.

Can we just say too, THANK FUCK FOR CHARLI XCX. Finally a massive pop song for 2016 that doesn’t have its head up its own arse.