Liz Drops Mixtape Featuring Collabs With Lido, Vic Mensa, 813 And More

Written By the interns on 10/18/2016
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

One of the world's most undervalued popstars Liz has dropped a mixtape Cross Your Heart featuring stacks of new music.

The 33 minute tape is made up of mostly new music with a few favourite thrown in including her latest single with Henrik The Artist Wild Target.

There are an impressive list of collaborators included throughout with Lido, Vic Mensa, 813, Alizzz, Mess Kid and heaps more popping up on what's said to be a taste of what's to come from Liz.

It's dropped alongside a shoot for the brand Nicopanda which is just as forward-thinking as her own music. You can see that shoot here.